In #Oxfordshire with @TeamOUHMat @OUHospitals if you’ve had a previous #caesarean you have a discussion at the FIRST midwife appt which involves “STRONG RECOMMENDATION OF VBAC”. This statement alone highlights that this is not unbiased #informedconsent they are seeking. 2/8
But it gets worse- despite @DOckendenLtd’s findings re the horrific impact of the drive for ‘normal birth at any cost’, the schedule of MW contact requires discussion & completion of a “PROMOTING NORMAL BIRTH SHEET”- again where is the #informedbirthchoice or #informedconsent 3/8
The “PROMOTING NORMAL BIRTH: CHOOSING & PLANNING PLACE OF BIRTH” (16 weeks) sheet has no mention of #caesarean birth. How does this fully inform women & birthing people of their birth options? How is this respectful or #ethical? 4/8
It’s not until 36 weeks (3 weeks before an elective caesarean would likely occur!) that an agreement re birth choice is made with the community midwife. This is not a #shareddecision in healthcare- this is an #unethical biased process that actively discourages caesareans. 5/8
ALL modes of birth should be discussed & available for ALL. If you choose an #electivecaesarean you should not have to ‘fight’ for your right, & you & your baby should not be put through unnecessary stress. #BodilyAutonomy in birth should be respected. 6/8
Beyond highlighting the lack of authentic shared decision making around birth choices, this process also screams of #misogyny. Not accurately informing women of the risks of ALL modes of birth is doing more than failing women, it’s causing #unethical #intentionalharm 7/8
I’d like to know if there are any plans to change this paperwork from @OUHospitals @TeamOUHMat to ensure a more balanced approach that ensures authentic #informedconsent instead of coercion- @WJR2013 @Prof_JonMont? 8/8
@DOckendenLtd is this paperwork the standard nationally?
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