1/ Wow. Talk about hindsight!

I did a thread building up to the election about how 112 and 211 kept popping up

Naturally I took it to be a date

Now we know: LAW 0F VVAR


I now think I can make sense of something

There were repeated references to SPACEX

Instead of Elon-
2/ What If X marks the spot?

What if the focus was on Space?


I’ve read that it was the military’s Soace Force that caught all of the eIecti0n interference

So now to 11.2 (next tweet)

Which provides the DEFINITIONS of Occupation

& as I said...
3/ Revisiting Everything,

The LoW is a lens which brings EVERYTHING into focus

-The type of forces don’t matter (anteefer, BEE EL EM)


- and perhaps most importantly...
4/ They must establish their own Occupying authority

DC: becomes its own state (think: sovereign territory) that controls:

- The Supreme Court
- The EC
- Our entire federal government

I think all these conditions must be fulfilled (it’ll get worse before MiI can act)
5/ @RichardGrenell has been drawing attention to this fact all day

It’s not about the employees

It’s where the HQS ARE LOCATED
>> The seats of Power

Soon to be in 1 (likely sovereign) State

& the SC will confirm/ignore constitutional violations

B/C they’re OCCUPIED
6/ So I think all the 11.2 > SpaceX references may have been c0de for showing us the Occupation was Underway

& the Space Force was tracking it all


Patriots are in Control

But [they] will have to execute more drastic steps before the miI can unseat an iIIegal government
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