2008 global financial meltdown
Multiple global Swine Flu outbreaks
Global oil prices crisis

Amongst the many global crisis during MMS tenure & we Indians never felt 1% of it when the world was engulfed in pain.

Now I see people saying MMS would have done Covid worse than Modi?
Have some friggin shame you lot? Just accept your incompetent arrogant fools has pushed the entire country into death. If it weren't for our brave medical personnel with the remaining caring citizens, we would have been hearing about Pradhan Mantri Shamshan Yojna on Man Ki Baat.
Your achievements are majority fighting minority, supression of democracy, shutting of internet, depriving states of democracy, buying MLAs, farmers protesting, women protesting, communalised propaganda, sold media, deaths due to failed policy & you're saying MMS was incompetent?
We had an educated gentleman PM who had served the country as a RBI governor, who had served the country as a path breaking financial minister, who saved this country from its brink, who gave us food, education, healthcare & work and all while maintaining a steady economic rise.
He lifted millions out of poverty, maximum anywhere in the world and he literally first created the Indian middle class in 90s and then made them wealthy as a PM.

You bloody turned hostile to him because he was a decent gentleman & not a buffoon shouting didi o didi to crowds?
There were 10 flaws with Dr Manmohan Singh and I wasn't his biggest fan while he served but one more idiot telling me he would have done a lot worse than these current buffoons in the govt will have it from me.

I'm bloody raging. 13 of 23 years BJP is in power. It is MMS fault?
Failed economy (even pre covid), highest unemployment in 40-50 years, data fudging from GDP to Covid, you've tanked everything.

Ask average college graduates if they're hopeful of a job post a degree? Forget govt jobs anyway.

An entire generation of jobless skilled youth we're.
Next time you think of making a joke on MMS, remember, he gave hope to this entire country. He brought jobs & upward mobility to your parents. He kept India away from social unrest. And he did it all when the opposition & media ran for his head.

I miss a bloody Prime Minister.
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