In a recently opened famous private hospital in Chennai, which has AC rooms and cushion seats, in-hospital garden, plush observation area, my parents had first dose of the covishield. The cashier said, if we pay for both doses, we can avoid the queue next time. We paid. Believed
The second dose was due yesterday for my parents. Already it was 6 weeks and they were entering their 7th week.

We called them up and they said no dose stock at all. They also said call me again on Monday and then too if stocks there we will call you.
Monday will be starting of 8th week and we have only one week window to take second dose. Today we called them up to request again. All phone lines are busy for over 6 hours now.

Went to nearest Urban Primary Health Care center. In next ten minutes, we were given second dose.
No questions asked. Free of cost. Nurse scolded me for asking my father to get down from auto.

Will go to the pvt hospital and get back my 500. Its not about the money. Its about the trust
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