2) I have requested that the short period of time that has been afforded for submissions from veterans & their families on what they believe should be in the terms of reference be extended to ensure they will produce the best outcome for veterans & their families.
To get it right
3) I wrote to the federal minister of veterans affairs months ago to pass on the view of many Victorian veterans and their families that the federal DVA welfare system needs to be overhauled
A new welfare system that believes veterans when they ask for help needs to be created
4) in some DVA cases it seems more money gets spent stopping veterans applications for help compared to if the assistance was just given in the first place
Ex Service Organisations spend limited funding on dozens of advocates to help veterans navigate a way too complex system
4) The stress this process trying to get assistance is enormous
The R.C. Terms of reference must include examining how this broken welfare system has effected veterans mental health and well-being
This will be relayed from Victoria’s advocacy to the R.C.
5) Victorian veterans and their families will determine what else is of the upmost importance in the T.O.R. For the Royal Commission in My submission back to the federal government before they are finalised
It will be their words
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