Yellen deserves a careful read, not just because of the position she holds, but because of her many accomplishments
Yellen criticizes Trump for sitting on the sidelines for 4 years.

She reminds us that she worked for Clinton and Gore, who sat on the sidelines for 8 years.
Yellen misinterprets the natural disaster record. Most, if not all of the observed increase in damages is due to more people and greater wealth.

She repeats the unfounded assertion that climate change poses an existential threat.
Yellen refers to the "American Jobs Plan", but without claiming that this plan would create jobs, a politically astute omission.
Yellen is correct to argue against fossil fuel subsidies.

The argument against fossil fuel subsidies is an argument against renewables subsidies.
Yellen is correct to argue that the uncertainty about climate change is a reason to work harder to reduce emissions.
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