#CovidHelp #TamilNadu
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#CovidHelp #TamilNadu
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Home isolation resources in #Chennai . Posts on labs, vaccination centres, home food delivery, how to use an oximeter, doctor's notes, managing children with covid, medical insurance and managing mental health & anxiety.

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A thread on basics of understanding the symptoms of covid, when to reach out to a doctor, what to do if you're infected, and notes on the further associated medical procedures. https://twitter.com/SatanKiNani/status/1384888420179222528?s=19
#TamilNadu 24 hour helpline numbers for emergency covid-related assistance,
medical advice on symptoms, and information on COVID care centres, vaccination centres and testing centres.
#Chennai https://twitter.com/chennaicorp/status/1383735249687826436?s=19
What to do if you test positive?
#Chennai https://twitter.com/_poorvaja/status/1385512154195849221?s=19
Thread on Plasma Donation. https://twitter.com/varsh_20/status/1385547498664591367?s=19
Country-wide plasma donors' group. https://twitter.com/janiceseq85/status/1385474651069943812?s=19
Covid Help info on bed status, vaccination centers, streets with positive cases, e-pass, trackers, testing, homecare, lockdown guidelines, helplines, food delivery and emergency contact numbers.
#Chennai #CovidHelp https://chennaicovidhelp.in/ 
Websites for #CovidIndia information. There are more websites under this thread, please scroll down this tweet to find. https://twitter.com/Madan_Chikna/status/1385510874815815682?s=19
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