vmin a/b/o au in which omega jimin's parents who are the leaders of the pack along with his older alpha brother are killed in an ugly pack war and suddenly jimin, who was ignored and seen as unimportant, is ... the omega pack leader.
tw: themes of death, revenge, murder, grief, trauma, depression, just a small idea?? i think??
he's reeling with grief and anger but it surprises him how capable he is when he turns cold, efficient and masks up entirely. jimin's pack has no time to do anything properly in terms of burial or conduct the burial rites for his parents and brother. they've lost their territory.
he wasn't really trained to lead. but he learned a lot just from watching his hyung and maybe it's weird, out of place and strange but the brutality with which his parents were killed have even the alphas of the pack looking to him for answers.
everyone relies on the alphas in a pack to protect and defend and hunt. but the omegas know how to nurture, heal and keep the community going. they're better trained in the art of survival and making do when the rains don't come.

and jimin pulls from that omega strength.
he finds himself at the center, upfront, barking and snapping orders at the alphas, and it's urgent, they must get to safety. they're now a displaced pack with nowhere to go. one of the blessings of being seen as unimportant is that jimin had the freedom to explore as he wished.
the alphas who survived are injured, the ones who are mated, their omegas weep over them. jimin's grief is kept firmly tamped down, and he doesn't cry.

one night, he shivers in the cold all alone, in a cave they're all hiding in.
the mated couples in his pack cuddle for warmth. several of the unmated alphas and omegas hold each other in varying combinations.

till now, in their attempt to stay quiet and successfully flee, jimin hasn't allowed them to light any fires in fear they might be found.
they listen but they're resentful. they know he's right.

being leader is lonely. jimin has to present a strong, grim, calm facade. he has to be strong for his pack. there is no time now to be soft, sensitive or weep.
but he's cold and the furs he managed to take with him, they're barely enough. his loneliness has never been more profound till now. besides which, jimin barely sleeps. he usually is the one who keeps watch at night, awake and alert for any suspicious noises.

jimin whips around, and pulls out a dagger, that one of the injured alphas gave him. he relaxes when he sees it's one of his own pack, an alpha named taehyung.

but taehyung isn't just any alpha.
taehyung is one of the alphas who got injured while fighting. his right eye is still swollen, his bottom lip is split. his juniper scent is calming, and jimin eases.

"that's not the best way to hold the dagger," says taehyung.

jimin scowls.
"i was never trained," says jimin, with no small amount of bitterness. he runs his eyes over taehyung's injured face, tattered furs and as always registers how handsome and pretty this alpha is.

"no, you weren't," taehyung says. "bad idea. the rules should change."
jimin shrugs. taehyung shifts to stand next to him, lean against the cool wall of the cave. together, they silently keep watch, the only sounds being those of chirping crickets.

an awkward air settles over them. that's because taehyung isn't just any alpha.
"so," taehyung says softly. "i know there must be a lot on your mind right now."

jimin regards him with a wary look. "there is."

taehyung sighs.
jimin averts his gaze. he doesn't know that he wants to discuss this, discuss /them./

he picks at a scab on his knee, feeling taehyung's eyes still studying him.

"can we talk?" taehyung asks.
"it's off," jimin says, his voice terse and blunt. "i don't have to mate with you, you don't have to mate with me. my family was pressurizing me to do it anyway. we don't know each other at all. they're no longer around so that's it."

taehyung is silent.
"it's off," taehyung repeats. his voice is carefully blank. "it's off. okay."

jimin nods. "it's off. now i'm the leader of this pack."

taehyung doesn't say anything for quite some time. jimin grows uneasy.
"i understand," taehyung says, and his voice is stiff. jimin rolls his eyes. he has no time for the waves of wounded alpha pride rolling off from taehyung. "you are my leader. i have taken orders from you since the leadership had to change hands. it will remain that way."
jimin is taken aback by that. but then he nods once more, and taehyung bows in deference to him. his curls are a wild mess that sit on his head. jimin feels loads lighter. he was actually dreading this conversation and trying to stay away from taehyung.
taehyung is the son of one of the high-ranking alphas in the pack. jimin vaguely remembers playing with taehyung as a pup, but after that everything was very segregated. taehyung was pulled into defense training, and jimin helped the omegas out with cooking and food gathering.
just a month ago, they'd gotten engaged. it was such an awkward affair. both of them had known they had no choice in the matter, it was merely just a strategic alliance. neither of them had said no or made a fuss, knowing this was the best it was going to get for both of them.
had this senseless tragedy not happened, jimin and taehyung were actually on track to get mated and seal the mating bond within two weeks. they were just going to begin when the attack devastated their territory.
"do the alphas really like me as their leader?" jimin asks.

taehyung nods. "they do. you have shown remarkable resilience in this trying time." he hesitates. "they're surprised an ... untrained omega is able to lead so well."
jimin makes an unimpressed sound. "well, i am from the pack leader's family after all. i may not have been trained to lead but i sometimes watched my hyung train. he would talk to me about it. i know you alphas think we don't care for politics. i always had interest for it."
taehyung opens and shuts his mouth. he looks like he is considering his words. he better.

jimin has to say this for himself: this comes naturally to him. being in charge, in control. leading, guiding, giving orders. it becomes him rather well.
"i can train you," taehyung says. "i can show you how to fight and hunt. i can show you what all the alpha duties are."

jimin regards this offer with suspicion. he does not like the idea much. what if taehyung is using this as a way to get jimin re-consider him as a mate?
his skepticism must show on his face because taehyung bows his head again. "i meant nothing else by it," he says, his tone neutral. "just want to help. you're carrying a huge burden. but you can ask another alpha to help you."

"i think i will," jimin says tightly. "thank you."
but the truth is this: jimin can't think of any other alpha who he is comfortable and familiar with on any basis to even ask in the pack.

he would have only ever asked his hyung to help him. his hyung is gone, murdered so brutally jimin can't sleep, thinking of his bloody body.
he tries making casual conversation with the alphas as they trek, slow and stealthy across forests. they clam up and offer him only cagey, one-word responses. it really is an alphas-only club with them. instead, it's easier for jimin to seek conversation from his fellow omegas.
they keep moving for a week. jimin is tempted to lose track of the days and dissociate, but he holds on even more firmly to what's left of his sanity. he is cold, feeling it down to his bones, but refuses to let them light a fire.
they continue to make do with fruits and digging for tubers, but he can start to see the meatlust show in his pack's eyes. they want to hunt, kill a few animals and eat some roasted meat.

jimin has no one to talk to.
eventually, he seeks taehyung out again another night, his head still proudly held up high.

taehyung is polishing his own dagger and humming lightly under his breath. he doesn't look surprised.
"they're hungry," jimin says. "what—what should i do? it's dangerous to start a fire."

"let me hunt," taehyung suggests. "i can take two alphas with me. i noticed it too. they still listen to you but their collective morale is flagging. you have to let us hunt."
jimin raises a brow at "you have to let us hunt." taehyung notices this too, and he breathes in slowly.

"please let us hunt," taehyung amends.

"don't like taking orders from an omega, do you?" jimin asks.
"no," taehyung says. he hangs his head and sighs. "it's nothing like that. i'm—i'm just getting used to it."

jimin shivers. he's so cold. he draws his furs more closely around himself. instantly, taehyung's scent spikes, and his eyes narrow.
he goes back to polishing his dagger with more resolute fervour.

"you'll be careful," jimin says. "take only two with you."

"yes," taehyung says.
"yes, omega," jimin corrects.

taehyung's nostrils flare ever so slightly. the tips of his ears turn pink. jimin patiently waits for taehyung to lick his wounds and gather up his pride.

"yes, omega," taehyung says, after quite some time. he bows his head in deference.
maybe jimin is a little sick for enjoying this heady feeling of control that comes with taehyung's submission to him. he finds he is unable to help it though, having been regarded as nothing but an object for the pleasure of alphas and to stay in servitude to them so long.
jimin retreats his dagger from his belt.

"you have to polish my dagger for me," he says. "when are you going to start teaching me how to fight and hunt?"

taehyung starts at that.
"yes, omega," he says. good. he learns fast. "after—after i hunt."

"very well," says jimin. he draws himself up, knowing he is short and tiny and smells sweet like strawberries. doesn't matter. he's the leader now. "get some big game. we need new furs."
taehyung nods. "i will see to it, omega."

"good," jimin says. "be fast and quick about it. we must move immediately after we eat."

so that's settled, and jimin walks away with a prowl, but blood rushes to his cheeks after.
what is he doing, talking to the alpha who he was previously betrothed to, like that?

but they are no longer together, they will no longer mate, he reminds himself firmly. he has no time to waste, thinking of things that were. he can't think about taking a mate right now.
his body is so malnourished and cold and in severely stressed and traumatized mode, that his heat has eluded him. a heat is something his body cannot afford right now. he is scared, sad and trying not to dwell on self-destructive thoughts of killing, taking revenge.
he wants to learn to fight to survive as this pack's leader, he tells himself. but even jimin knows that since he saw his parents and hyung dead, a murderous rage the likes he never knew of has enveloped his whole inner core.

he will kill. he will avenge their deaths.
taehyung goes as he promised with two other junior alphas. their pack gathers some life and cheer to their faces at the promise of meat, actual game meat, from jimin.

"we'll eat better when we find suitable land and rebuild," jimin promises them.
they wait for a couple of hours, and jimin's heart pounds at the thought of something happening to taehyung as he hunts. his omega friends don't talk to him quite as much anymore, intimidated by how much he has changed.
they return, with two killed deers. there's dried blood caking all over taehyung's face and hands, as well as the junior alphas whose eyes widen when taehyung places one of the deers at jimin's feet.

"we're back, omega," he says.

jimin hears the collective gasps from the pack.
jimin smiles, and settles into the feeling of being the authority.

"good work," he says.

taehyung looks back behind him and gives his juniors a "go on then" nod. they look back at taehyung, hesitating to defer so completely.
till now, the pack has been listening to jimin. but it was moreso as a matter of survival, their morale and spirit completely shattered and weakened.

this is how jimin is showing he is going to keep this control for himself.

no alpha is taking it from him.
jimin addresses the junior alphas himself.

"why do you look to taehyung for guidance?" he asks, his voice cold. "did i not lead you out to safety myself?"

they bristle at his biting tone.
when they look to taehyung for guidance, he takes a deep breath. then he goes to stand behind jimin and keeps his head bowed.

jimin blooms.

"there you have it," jimin says quietly. "he submits to me because i am the omega chief of this pack. so you better submit as well."
jimin had a feeling he needed to do this, and he is right. this scene is pivotal, and their twin murmurs of "yes, omega" along with the way they bow and place their deer at his feet, sets the tone for everyone who bears witness.
jimin continues to prowl as he walks, throwing out orders as he directs taehyung and the other alphas to skin the deers as soon as possible. the skins must be washed thoroughly before they begin the process of drying them out and he sets the omegas to do that.
they're busy, the whole pack, and imbued with purpose. no one is listless anymore. they look lively and move fast.

in the midst of the chaos of meal preparation and washing the deer skins, jimin looks up from digging out tubers and finds taehyung watching him.
he's overseeing the alphas who have started a small fire, but he's looking at jimin. there's something warm in the depths of his eyes, something intensely penetrating and almost affectionate.

jimin feels studied, but in a gentle and tender way.
jimin doesn't want taehyung's gentleness.

jimin doesn't want taehyung's tenderness.

jimin tears his gaze away and exhales a ragged breath. he doesn't have the luxury to indulge in these thoughts.
they have to rebuild their community, they have to heal. jimin must to see to it first that his pack even survives.

everything else is on hold.

eventually, they find unoccupied land that is safe to settle down in. jimin has taehyung and the other alphas ascertaining the boundaries of their new pack territory.

soon, they're all hard at work building new settlements and figuring out where to farm. everyone pitches in.
"send word to the packs around us," jimin tells taehyung, after they have made sure everyone has tents to sleep in. "that this land is occupied by a pack with an omega chief."

taehyung nods, and bows. "yes, omega."
jimin watches him round up a couple of alphas, and bark orders at them. amused, he turns away, grabbing a long wooden stick that taehyung made for him to work on his own self-imposed task, demarcating the area for farmland.
he wants to shatter the gendered divisions in labour in his new pack now. many of their parents perished in the ugly pack war, and with so few elders around now, it's a good chance for a fresh start.

but the omegas object.
"we don't want to hunt and fight," they tell him very pointedly. "nothing is wrong with the work we do. farming, food gathering, cooking, child-rearing, we have an innate knack for it. what is wrong with the nature of our work?"

jimin couldn't argue with them on that.
so he watches them now, creating rows for the tubers and beets and carrots. leaning on his stick, he smiles. it is wrong to pull them away from what they love to do.

one of the omegas, a quiet woman named yoonji, joins him.

"how do your sparring classes go, chief?"
jimin offers her a smile. yoonji is a hard worker, mated to an alpha, seokjin. she lost her parents too, and jimin is grateful for the fact that she isn't intimidated by his change in personality, taking instead in her stride.

"it goes well," jimin answers. "but it is hard."
she nods, and makes a sound in assent.

"my alpha tries to teach me," she says. a side of her mouth quirks up. "but he only gets distracted."

jimin laughs at that.
yes, nothing like that happens in his sparring sessions with taehyung. the alpha has now become jimin's right-hand man and loyal assistant. they need to touch for taehyung to show him how to wrestle and take down an opponent, but there's nothing romantic in nature about it.
"i do need to how to fight," says jimin. "so there is nothing of the sort in my sessions. it is work."

she nods. "alpha taehyung listens well to you," she says. "he is loyal and follows your orders."

jimin doesn't elaborate on the question in her statement.
"what do people say about that?" he asks.

"well, you two were engaged," yoonji says. "they think you two will be mates once we fully settle here and finish laying down our roots."

jimin scowls.
"you can spread the word," he says, keeping his tone calm and even. "that alpha taehyung is my right hand man and assistant. nothing more. my heat will be upon me soon. i will require an alpha to service me. ask around for me, will you?"

it's an order, not a question.
yoonji, to her credit, does not probe any further or question his choice. she nods, bows her head and murmurs "yes, omega" before politely retreating.

jimin sighs, exhausted already of the intra-pack politics.
he tries not to dwell on the fact that soon taehyung will know jimin asked for another willing alpha to service him during his heat.

but he needs to do it to make a point.

no alpha, even if he willingly serves jimin, owns his heart or his mind or his body.

two weeks later, jimin straddles taehyung's hips as he finally, successfully manages to pin taehyung down, holding the alpha's strong arms above his head.

grinning, jimin gets off of him, and wipes the sweat off his forehead.

"i'm getting better," he states.
sitting up, taehyung winces and nods.

"you have small fingers but i have learned not to underestimate them," he says, flexing his own fingers. "they hold a remarkable amount of strength."

that makes jimin preen. he feels stronger lately and better for it too.
he starts to shiver however, as he heart rate goes down. growing up, jimin's body tends to be chill, his skin cool to touch. the sweat droplets running over his body and face from the exertion of their sparring, is making jimin feel even colder.
"i have some deer skins that i recently prepared, omega," taehyung says quietly, moving to sit beside him. from a leather pouch that he carries around with him, he pulls out two sugarcane stalks and offers one to jimin. gratefully, jimin accepts one, immediately gnawing on it.
"would you like one of them? you always seem cold."

jimin's first instinct is to say no. turn it down because accepting a deerskin wrap from taehyung and wearing it is going to send a message to the pack that they are indeed involved.
but then he thinks some more on it. he is cold, and he misses being held by his mother or hyung while he slept. jimin could do with an extra skin for himself, at least while sleeping. he doesn't have to wear it while out and about.

"yes, i should have one," he says graciously.
the way taehyung's juniper scent gets more potent from the acceptance is unmistakable. jimin pretends not to notice, chomping down on the sugarcane.

"i have heard your heat will soon be with you," taehyung says. "i can make you a heat tent a little further away if you'd like."
jimin looks up at that. he studies taehyung's facial expression which is strictly neutral and solemn. it's a bright, sunny day, and taehyung looks exceptionally handsome, stronger and fuller in the face now that they have settled down on this new land and claimed it.
he has been eating well, and the evidence of it is clear. jimin supposes he looks much better too with the increased food supply. he knows he is much eyed by the alphas himself as he is small, dainty and delicate to look at. he knows his looks have found great favour with them.
"yes, it will soon be with me," jimin says, taking great care to sound matter-of-fact about it. "i have found an alpha who is willing to service me. he will be of great relief to me soon."

his words are meant to be deliberate, but not cruel. just a fact.
taehyung nods. it is hard to get a read on his face or his scent. both remain the same.

"yes, that will be good," says taehyung. "so would you like me to make you a heat tent then?"

jimin continues to meet his gaze. "i would like it, yes."
"very well," says taehyung. he gets to his feet. "i will do it now and have it completed by nightfall."

"sounds good," says jimin. when he gets up, he sways on his feet, lightheaded. taehyung reaches out to steady him.

"careful," he says. his voice is gentle.
"i wish," jimin says. he subtly wriggles out of taehyung's hold, and noticing, taehyung moves away. "i could be as strong as you are."

"you are stronger," says taehyung, his voice firm.

"how?" jimin asks, bitter. "you possess superior physical strength."
"brute strength is not what matters and the pack knows it," taehyung says simply. "throughout this ordeal, they realized you possess a mental acuity that is even sharper than that of your father, may he rest in peace. not a single alpha in this pack can lead as well as you do."
"not even you?" jimin asks tartly.

taehyung runs a hand through his curls. "an alpha does not a leader make," he says. "i cannot lead like you. i will do well to follow."
he says no more and bows to take his leave. jimin watches him retreat, as he continues to wring the sugarcane of its juice with his teeth.

he wants to get stronger. he wants to get so strong he will be able to kill all by himself.

vengeful, murderous omega jm is my fav c:
(tw: descriptions of heat, jimin having sex with another alpha)
no one in the pack knows what the customs are for when their unmated omega chief is taken with his monthly heat. hell, even jimin has no idea.

he decides to make his own customs out of it, and surprisingly, the pack goes along with it.
rumours have begun to spread to the surrounding packs, that the omega chief is beautiful, with fullness of mouth and body, a proud yet delicate face and soft hair.

jimin hears of the rumours from yoonji who bathes him in the lake to prepare him for his heat.
"you underestimate the sway you hold," she tells him, drying him after with some furs. jimin laughs, already feeling hot and flushed in the face, the heat beginning to build up in his gut. he wants to get fucked repeatedly, over and over.

"hardly," he says, and scoffs.
she snorts. "i wouldn't say hardly," yoonji says. "i wouldn't be surprised if alpha pack leaders will bring their sons over for your consideration." she pours rose water from a wooden bowl to further perfume his skin, have him smell more magical and sensual than he already does.
"i will not take any of them for my alpha," says jimin. he squares his shoulders back and rolls them a couple of times. "i am tired of living a life being subservient to them. this is my freedom and i will savour it for now."

yoonji says nothing. she nods, and he stands.
outside, taehyung waits, ready to escort jimin to the heat tent. today, his right hand wolf is clad in a full brown tunic, and his face is especially impassive as he bows, deep.

jimin smirks, aware that he looks alluring, as he wears only in the furs yoonji bundled him up in.
"is the alpha who will be servicing me, already waiting?" jimin asks, keeping his voice as smooth as silk. he is a leader and he must act like one. sure of himself, sure of what he wants, sure of his decisions.

taehyung nods. "yes, omega," he says.

"excellent," jimin replies.
taehyung leads the way, and jimin leisurely follows. the heat builds up in his gut, making his want to get split open on a knot that much more potent. his strawberry scent is definitely getting sweeter. he preens as he notices members of his pack, especially the alphas, stare.
yes, stare, jimin thinks, with vicious pleasure, as he holds his head up high. that's all they can do, stare and be intimidated by him. he always had a knack for getting people to do what he wants, but being forced into a position of leadership has really brought it out of him.
at the entrance of the tent, taehyung pauses, his head bowed. it causes jimin to ram into his back.

confused, he pulls away. "what is it?" jimin asks, imperious and irritated.

taehyung takes a deep breath.
he pulls out a wooden whistle from his handmade leather satchel, and jimin instinctively extends his hand, palm up, to grab it.

"i made it for you," taehyung says softly. his eyes fill with warmth. "if you need me to come at any moment, use it."
something catches in jimin's throat and makes it feel tight. he swallows, and closes his fingers over the whistle.

"thank you," jimin breathes out. he closes his eyes, and that rushed feeling of power disappears.
suddenly, he isn't a pack leader. suddenly, he just feels like a young, vulnerable and sad omega playing dress-up. pretending to act like an alpha in his makeshift pack. suddenly, jimin remembers his parents and his hyung and how they're gone.

he doesn't have anybody.
he nearly lets out a whimper in distress, but then taehyung shakes his head subtly. fierceness replaces the softness in taehyung's eyes.

"i will be here," taehyung says. "breathe, omega. you got this."

jimin's chest heaves, as he tries to regain emotional control.
eventually, his breathing steadies, and something in his chest flips, when taehyung gives him a look that isn't impassive anymore but is one filled with something akin to pride.

"i take my leave," taehyung whispers. "the tent is already stocked with provisions."

jimin nods.
it feels strange, watching taehyung retreat, seeing the planes of his broad shoulders get smaller. jimin feels small, forlorn and alone again.

no, he must perish these kinds of thoughts.

be a leader. act like the omega chief he is.
wearing an enigmatic smile on his face, jimin opens the flap of the tent. his nostrils flare at the sight of the alpha who consented to servicing jimin during his heat, a younger alpha who is tall and broad, named kangdae.

kangdae blushes at the sight of his chief.
he sits as jimin requested on the floor mat; cross-legged with his back ramrod straight. his cock is already stiff and erect, his knot bulged out and ready.

"good," jimin says, eyeing his knot greedily. "nice and big. they picked well for me."
a tin jar sits next to the floor mat, presumably sweet almond oil for lubrication.

"you have to service me during my heat," jimin says quietly. "your only job for these three days to make me feel good. can you do that?"

kangdae stares at him, entranced. he nods, rather eager.
"yes, omega," jimin prompts, patient.

kangdae's cheeks take on a ruddy blush. the smell of his wounded pride hits jimin. no matter. jimin is not afraid of being alone with alphas anymore, even young, virile ones.

eventually, kangdae mumbles it. "yes, omega."
jimin rewards him by slowly dropping the furs. the young alpha gasps, taking in the sight of jimin's body, soft and supple. the slick already beginning to enticingly trickle down the insides of jimin's thighs like honey and milk.

a smile spreads on jimin's face. then he pouts.
"alpha," he whines, and pants. "i'm so /wet."/

the way kangdae morphs should be frightening. but jimin's heart just pounds faster at the sight of the younger alpha's feral snarl, the way he leaps into action and grabs jimin, pulling him into his arms.
the first fuck is brutal. jimin takes it all, and enjoys himself. this is the first time that a cock and knot has penetrated his hole, and he is perfectly pleased to lose his virginity like this. secretly, he never cared to wait for a mate anyway. virginity meant nothing to him.
"want to breed you," kangdae spits out. "want to give you pups, want to make you /my/ omega. mine, mine, mine."

"yes, yes, yes, all yours," jimin purrs, and lies. yoonji slipped him birth control, and he has no intention of mating this baby alpha. "breed me, alpha."
his heat makes jimin wanton. he whines and cried and circles his ass in tempting, tight, little circles till kangdae gives in to jimin's wiles and drives his cock in again.

"omega, what is that clutched in your hand?" kangdae asks him, early in the morning, on the second day.
jimin is leisurely riding the alpha. this way, he feels kangdae's cock drive in deeper. it makes him gasp, and he hums in content when large hands grip his hips, keeping him seated and steady.

"hm? oh. nothing, it's nothing. just a charm for luck."
in his palm, wet with sweat, is the wooden whistle taehyung gave him. jimin could just set it on the floor next to the bed, but he doesn't want to.

"cute," kangdae whispers. "you are one of those superstitious omegas too, aren't you, sweetheart?"

jimin rolls his eyes.
ha. as if. jimin has never been interested in any of the fairy tales or superstitions that the other omegas tell each other.

no, he just doesn't want to set the whistle down, should this situation get out of control. taehyung promised, and jimin wants to believe.
he doesn't have anyone else in his corner anymore. sure, the pack listens to him, but that is only for direction. they see him as their leader. he has no family anymore, he is an orphan.

the only person left now who seems to care is his right-hand alpha.

jimin needs to believe.
thankfully, his heat ends up breaking earlier than jimin expected on the third day. it happens mid-day, and immediately, jimin rolls away after they're done that round.

"it is finished," jimin says, toneless. "my heat is no longer with me."
kangdae pulls jimin in, to nuzzle his cheek and neck and the line of his shoulder. jimin squirms, admittedly liking the doting. these days, he is touch-starved, what with having no family to hug and hold and cuddle with. he sighs and allows it, just this once.
"you are the most beautiful omega i have ever seen," kangdae says, his tone reverent. "the most beautiful omega i have seen from any pack."

jimin accepts the flattery. his cheeks feel hot and he enjoys the compliments. he yearns them now, his body feeling sore and empty.
"thank you," he murmurs, eyes closed.

"i wish to court you," kangdae murmurs. "i want to court you very much. may i?"

jimin's eyes flash wide open.
slowly, he pulls himself up, despite the horrible ache in his backside. kangdae also sits up, watching jimin pulling his furs back on, in confusion.

"no," jimin says, looking up, fixing kangdae with a lazy smile. "i don't wish to be courted."
kangdae stares at him, like jimin has personally dealt him with a slap. the scent of his wounded pride fills the air.

jimin rolls his eyes but clenches the whistle in his fist.

"you heard what i said," jimin says, harshly. "i'm your chief. i wish to take no alpha right now."
kangdae stares at him some more.

"eventually, you will have to take an alpha—"

"i don't have to, my family is dead and gone," jimin spits out. "i'm a free omega now. you've serviced me well. that's all it was, being a good alpha for your chief. which you were. you must leave."
the young alpha's eyes narrow, and he takes a step forward. without thinking, jimin puts the whistle to his mouth and blows it hard.

within seconds, the flaps of the tent open up. taehyung strolls in, at a leisurely pace. jimin notes the dark circles under his eyes.
taehyung's expression is poker face, stoic and calm. he bows to jimin and murmurs, "omega."

then he inclines his chin at kangdae, and nods. "kangdae," taehyung says, no inflection in his voice. "the chief's heat is done with. you may take your leave."
kangdae looks between them, taehyung in his tunic and the daggers in his belt, and jimin bundled up in his furs, breathing heavily.

"that's it?" kangdae asks, looking at jimin.

"that's it," jimin says. "i take no alpha as my own. thank you for your service this month."
the young alpha stalks out of the tent. when he leaves, taehyung chortles.

"what is funny to you?" jimin demands.

"kangdae is childish," taehyung says, with a grin. "he'll get over himself soon, i know him well."
jimin huffs at that. "that bodes well for me. i will need another alpha next month. this needs to be done till they understand i truly will take no one."

taehyung offers him a tight look before it relaxes into a grin. "the tent reeks of you," he says, and makes a face.
jimin groans. "i am aware. see to it that the bed is cleaned and ready for next month. oh, and taehyung?"

"yes, omega?"

jimin reaches out for taehyung's hand. perplexed, taehyung accepts the whistle back from jimin.
"get this whistle put on a string i can actually wear around my neck at all times," jimin says, exasperated. "trying to hold onto it isn't the most convenient."

"yes—yes, omega."

"very well," jimin says. he offers taehyung a curt nod, and takes his own leave.

taehyung brings the whistle up to his nose, and breathes in deep the scent of jimin, sweet and natural strawberry. he'd always loved it as a pup.

he wills himself not to linger as he cleans up the tent. his head throbs, for he hasn't slept, patrolling outside relentlessly.
six months ago, his parents, now dead, had sat him down and asked taehyung what he thought about mating the chief's younger omega son.

taehyung's heart had quickened and fluttered.

he'd said "yes" without second thought.

that's it for today! ♡ thank you so much for reading! lmk what you think. ♡

much love to @_heybangtan_ for commissioning this thread. it will be updated and finished for sure.

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