Pictured is #Tasmanian John Whittle VC, DCM of 12th Battalion #AIF
Already a veteran of the #BoerWar and Navy, he enlisted for #WW1 service in Aug 1915 & saw service in Egypt before embarking to France.
Between Feb-April 1917, he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal &
Victoria Cross for brave actions on the #WesternFront
On July 21st 1917 he was awarded both medals by #KGV at Buckingham Palace
In true #AussieDigger fashion & not letting the awards go to his head, he was charged twice: Drunkenness on active service & misconduct on parade
yelling out abruptly
Wounded 3 times, he survived the war & returned to #Australia🇦🇺
Moving to Sydney, he raised a family & in 1934 he saved a young boy from drowning in a lake
Sadly his son, Ivan Ernest was killed in #WW2 in New Guinea
Source: #AWM
#MilitaryHistory #GWG
Note: Twice charged & demoted down a hook to CPL before eventually earning his Sergeant stripe back
SGT Whittle's service medals
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