Quick tip from a contact tracer: since it’s taking longer to get a Covid test this week, a pen and paper can be a great tool to help fight the pandemic if you start to feel sick. Here’s what to write down: 1/ #Covid19AB
First, your SOD - symptom onset date is very important, along with the symptoms you are experiencing and their severity. When new symptoms start, and others resolve. Second, your underlying conditions - if you are feeling sick you might forget 2/
Third, all the days you worked in the two weeks before your SOD, along with your work address including postal code and the name and number of your manager or HR rep. Same with school, volunteer work - everything you do on the regular 3/
Fourth, any activities you did during that same time frame - parties, picnics, patios. Grooming, shopping, eating, worshiping, exercising, visiting - need addresses and phone numbers of establishments. Please don’t forget that postal code! 4/
Fifth, anyone you did the aforementioned activities with - dress shopping with the bestie, car ride with an acquaintance. There is NO judgement, only information gathering. Need full name-yes, I’ll need you to spell that-and cell number 5/
Sixth, the humans in your household - name, cell number, whether they have been tested, whether they have symptoms. If anyone has travelled. If you are able to isolate away from them fully, and from what date 6/
Seventh, any needs you might have - physical, mental, anything you may need help acquiring while you are isolating. We can help. And last - any questions you might have, that you might not remember in the emotion of a positive test result. 7/
To sum up - I need information, you need information. Writing it down makes it easier to remember. Your health information is private, and protected. Ask us anything - if we don’t know, we will try to find out or tell you who does know. We care 8/ #Covid19AB
Well, this had a much bigger reach than expected-very happy people found it informative! If I’d known more than 10 of you were going to read it, I might have jazzed it up a little 😂 Thanks for the love, and keep those vaccine selfies coming #Covid19AB
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