Global friends; you can help India remotely 🌍.
Please donate to one of these causes. Most accept foreign cards (and if not message me and I'll give you my PayPal and do it for you)

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1/n @Hemkunt_Fdn
Delivering oxygen 
@ketto has a long list of #CovidIndia appeals - please have a look 3/n 
@AkshayaPatra are feeding needy families all across the country 7/n
@Sewa_Intl accept foreign donations, have various projects such as this helping prevent further spread 
@khalsaaid_india are donating Oxygen Concentrators across India.

Please donate here. Accept International 
@actgrants are working on MANY projects, aside from oxygen (see thread) including home medicine roll out, vaccine education and more

Some of the smartest minds in India are hard at work here. DM me if amount is more than USD75k

@Paytm will MATCH any donation towards Oxygen Concentrators here!
@DFYIndia are helping Frontline Healthcare workers with PPE, training, vaccination across the country
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