THREAD: A concerned person sent me tonight's Saskatchewan Physician COVID-19 town hall slides. "This was a devastating, heartbreaking meeting," they said. "We need the public to know how dire the situation is."

Some highlights to follow. #skpoli
"Increased hospitalizations and deaths *will occur* [in] next 2-4 weeks." // Higher hospitlization so far in 2021 compared to pandemic months in all of 2020. #skpoli
-- Feeing impact of travel in and out of communities
-- Large outbreak at mining site
-- Low testing in some areas
-- Inconsistent mask use and distancing at play in nearly all workplace outbreaks
-- "vaccine selection anger" at clinics

Most critical point of the pandemic yet #skpoli
Regina and Saskatoon continue to lead. #skpoli #yxe #saskatoon #regina #yqr
Danger of ICUs being overwhelmed. #skpoli
Currently, only "some" triaging of ICU beds required. #skpoli
A table outlining Saskatchewan's surge capacity. #skpoli
Our current ICU census compared to other provinces. #skpoli
"Teams are very tired." #skpoli
Down from 8.2% last week. #skpoli
2. Schools and daycares. #skpoli
"We have not yet seen the peak of this surge."

"We need to strengthen every layer of protection." #skpoli
These weekly slides are prepared by doctors for doctors on Thursday nights and are eventually posted online: sometimes on Friday afternoons, this week it was either Sunday/Monday. Thanks to the person for sharing these more immediately. #skpoli
2nd pass....

This slide shows the growth in Regina ICU numbers. We're a month into the Regina-specific restrictions. #skpoli #yqr #regina
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