Just a short 🧡 to bury the idea that #nuclear energy development delays/side-tracks renewable energy expansion or #ClimateAction , or represents some sort of unacceptable opportunity cost.

Here's investment according to the IEA 1/5 https://twitter.com/IEA/status/1272438956383232001
Only the modest bars in the circle attract the accusation of opportunity cost: 5% out of 2020's total anticipated investment is dismissed as wasted-and-it-should-have-gone-to-renewable-energy.

Obviously motivated reasoning but let's pin down exactly how. 2/5
Firstly, even with quite a few years project lead time & construction, heaps of coal & gas will remain to be replaced despite accelerating renewable addition, & when #nuclear catches up, it's worth it. https://www.iea.org/reports/sustainable-recovery/electricity#abstract 3/5
Secondly, investment needs to vastly increase, 𝙣𝙀𝙩 be subject to imagined limits then portioned out according to priors & biases.

The IEA is probably low-balling this anticipated quadrupling of investment by 2030
https://twitter.com/IEA/status/1315921383722016774 4/5
If up to $150 π™©π™§π™žπ™‘π™‘π™žπ™€π™£ in the next 3 decades is needed, spending on new #nuclear is so far a drop in the ocean, & to insist otherwise is to betray a personal difficulty with the scales involved in effective #ClimateAction .
https://link.theedgesingapore.com/qmEaKDNnkJq5ReJ18#:~:text=The%20combined%20financing,next%20three%20decades 5/5
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