Hidden Curriculum: Random White History Thread
#1: Illuminati (Part 1)

Illuminati just means enlightened one. Adam Weishaupt founded the org in 1776. His motives were to shape popular thought, specifically to fit that of the higher class.

He also planned to replace Christianity with a “religion of reason”.
#2: 4th of July

July 2nd, 1776 - when Independence was declared
July 4th, 1776 - when the DOI was approved
August 2nd, 1776 - when the DOI was signed

The real “Independence Day” for whites is August 2nd not July 4th.
#3: KKK (Part 1)

African Americans have heard the history repeatedly that even your own people can’t be trusted at times. What we don’t hear is how in the 60s, the FBI used at least 2,000 informants to infiltrate the KKK. 20% of the Klan membership was working for the Bureau.
#4: Empire State Building

A B-25 bomber accidentally crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945. The pilot took a wrong turn as a result of bad weather. The crash unfortunately caused 13 deaths, the building also did not collapse.
#5: Prison (Part 1)

White Union solider after being freed from the confederate prison at Andersonville, Georgia.

Many black and white Union prisoners died from neglect and harsh treatment during the Civil War.
#6: LGBTQ History(Part 1)

In 1953, Pres. Eisenhower issued EO 10450 banning LGBT people from gov positions. Thousands of gay & lesbian citizens lost their jobs

The ban was not reversed until 1975, two years after homosexuality was removed as a mental illness from the APA manual
#7: French Rev. (Part 1)

“When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich” - Jean Jacques Rousseau of the French Revolution

This is where the phrase “eat the rich” originated
#8: MK Ultra (Part 1)

After WW2, the US hired Nazi scientists, doctors and engineers for research purposes under the name Operation Paperclip. The French and British also used Nazi intelligence for their own benefit.
#9: MK Ultra (Part 2)

One of their projects under Paperclip revealed that they could use drugs in warfare

This evolved into Project MKUltra in 1953. The Cold Spring Harbor lab known as the center for eugenics (long story) was now also known as the lab to host the project
#10: MK Ultra (Part 3)

Project MKUltra was a program to see if psychotropic drugs, mind altering drugs might be used for neutralizing purposes

MKUltra also weaponized the drugs through mind control k other areas

There’re over 24 drugs they use(d) including LSD, opium & crack.
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