Here is what I've wanted to say for a long long time...
If the solos of Shehnaaz haven't realised,
No matter how beautiful, talented n hardworking 1 is a newcomer in B town will always be exploited..
If Sidharth had not stepped in during MSK, they would have destroyed her...
if Sid had not arranged top notch team for her, she would still be struggling ( not because she's not deserving of success). That's how B town is.... Ken n Kaushal are not just any, they are well known ppl for their work.
If he had not looked into her projects, she wld have messed up because she's innocent n naive to the ways of B town.

If they live together, it's not because of need as Sana has earn more than u can imagine to get her own place, They are together by choice.....
So stop with all ur bad mouthing n bitching...
They are standing for each other for reasons they know BEST.

B Town is not as easy as you think...nobody just walks in and takes it by Storm.... there's always a strong hand holding ur back..
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