@Oprah @tylerperry @BET I highly recommend looking into some of the follow awesome authors for movies or tv series. @AbbyVandiver @Writernoellalee @kellyekell #NicoleGivens #LynnEmery @hobdragon @blacktop1950 @jillbrockbooks or @HeatherK_author @AlexiaGordon
There are so many excellent authors to choose from with fun and funny storylines.
@nicolegkurtz has an awesome series. So does @LynnEmeryWriter.
@Oprah @tylerperry @BET y’all are the platforms for such entertainment. Please consider them. Enough trauma and stereotyping. Let’s go to space or overseas, or to a tiny town and solve a mystery.
Y’all missed @verigatenun991. But there are so many others who have great stories to tell.
I can’t forget @ava @shondarhimes @ReginaKing @netflixusa_ @PrimeVideo @LMN @lifetimetv The top of this thread lists just a few of awesome mystery authors that desperately need a television series. @CrimeWoC is one of the best resource to find good storylines.
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