An #EarthDay reflection: As a country, our emissions have increased the most of the G7 since 1990.

Today, the federal government upped its climate target, though it's still not aligned with science and it isn't our fair share.
While we also continue to send billions of dollars in subsidies to the oil & gas industry: $18 billion last year - a three-fold increase over 2019 - with plans in #Budget2021 to add $6 billion more in fossil fuel tax credits and subsidies.
For my part on #EarthDay & every day: I'll continue to celebrate orgs pushing for transformational #ClimateAction , incl @ClimateActionWR @SustainableWat @ReepGreen & @50x30WR. And push all lvls of gov't to not only increase targets, but to follow science with plans to back it up.
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