Ok. Am here. There's already easily 150 ppl here😭😭😭 https://twitter.com/vaniIlaessence/status/1385223806453567491
But about 90 of them for first shot so am good
There is a very talkative lady behind me. I am trying to be monitress and getting ppl to stand far apart but non of these oldies are taking me seriously
Ok one uncle has come carrying a plate of cups of cha
Good thing is this is open air
There is big debate happening over merits demerits of coupon system. Yellow mask sir thinks it's for publicity of this hospital, yellow kurta sir is reading his newspaper saying no no demand is more now.
Ok this is annoying they are now saying PER coupon there should be one person on line wtff
I dunno if this is just these ppl being annoying
Have called mom to come and stand here for five minutes just to do her "show face"
Kokil is calling
Uncle now behind me is with a cane. Man this is a sucks. Uncle behind him approves of this system mostly for some weird classist reasons
Indians really are a glutton for punishment. Or well Bengalis. Even now some old ppl themselves are defending this saying hey it is not responsibility of hospital to make it easy for people wtf😭😭😭😭
Yellow kurta uncle has BRILLIANT idea: combine voting and vaccination process. Whoever should come to vote with hey vaccination. See how political parties all flock to get you vaccinated 😭
Blue shirt (classist) uncle has now for at least the tenth time said no this had to be done cause under previous system (where you could put name on list) apparently ppl were sending "security guard mid maali"???!!
Ohhh it's happened. One kaku has evoked to explain to us perceptions of time in pandemic😭
I have heard every possible theory now in support and against this coupon system
Somewhere they had to call the cops cause coupon system name putting was supposed to start from eleven previous night but security guard was "illegally" putting name from nine pm😭😭😭
Cops came and said no more name putting direct line
!!! Dunno if rumour but apparently people here were collecting coupon and SELLING them "on black".😭😭😭 Cops had to come
This coupon system is only possible systems have been replaced in line spot with their wives and first thing they have both said is how cruel this system is
All of are spoken keeping and waking around / some old ppl going sitting under tree but yellow kurta uncle has NOT moved ONE inch from spot and when asked je said no someone needs to be landmark
Yellow kurta uncle has still not moved. Below tree spot uncles are also just chilling reading newspaper drinking tea. They are all calling me to relay details of bawaal to them. Oh yes there is tea seller guy here also now. (Not Modi)
First bawaal handled remarkably well by "lady security guard". Has said "kichhu korar nei" and turned back
One very old uncle has used bawaal to quietly go stand several spots ahead of where he was. But nobody has noticed so hopefully no second bawaal. He really should be sitting down though the poor man
Ok apart from yellow kurta uncle there is ONE more man who has not moved an inch: FIRST IN QUEUE uncle. Man has been standing firm LITERALLY holding on to gate like Heimdall the sole protector of Bifrost in Asgaard
Discussion has progressed and no surprise it has turned out all the pro coupon systems are now saying anti immigrant, anti "chhotolok" things🙄🙄🙄
One anti "aguntuk" lady is pro Muslim and telling of help she had received even from "chhotolok" in Bangladesh always. But now she feels there is forced enemity being made between us and them and now problem is most ppl now coming from there are "aguntuk" so not the nice ones🙄
Ok conversation has now moved to how systems are so much good in US, Mauritius, Bhutan, Singapore with strict rules and high fines.
Ok old people in the houses around us is waking up and now taking morning tea in the verandahs looking at us, commenting on this new daily nuisance
One uncle has asked me "what is REAL TIME figure of people in line" and I don't know what it means 😭😭
Phol wala and jhhool jharu wala have appeared now along with cha wala
One "panjabi mohila" has come with flask and varieties biskoot and offered everyone in line
meanwhile second bawal is continuing that side. This one is big
Main shouty chhokra in saffron shirt has taken N95 mask OFF to maximize shouting efficacy.
Got some old ppl blessings cause apparently their opodartho kids didn't come stand in line for them. Another lady said it's cause I am daughter sons dont do (amar nijer chhele tai ami bolchi), another is saying cause she is not married she can. But blessings given
Sun is getting harsh now newspapers now becoming as hoc hats
Gates have opened and I'd http://pan.de .moan.ium
Certain ppl here have expressed serious grief that children have come to stand in line for parents. One uncle said it is "illegal" and expressed desire complain presumably to the manager of vaccination
I mean I feel for him. Has to be fcuking hard to be doing this. But hello uncle have some empathy for those older
On personal note the leg is not doing great but holding up still👍🏽🤞🏼
Had to call ma for show face during coupon collection time and she has completely cancelled out blessings by vigorously scolding me for MILDLY scolding her in front of another lady,
Gauuyyys, they made first dose and second dose ppl queue separately and there had been ppl there also from 4 am and now it turns out second dose ppl will get vaccine FIRST and then second dose😳😳😳😳😵😵😵
Another bawaal.
New uncle next to me is saying problem with corona is not corona itself but the fact that people are getting nervous the moment they hear they have corona and 'body fele dichhe'
Oxygen etc doctors are only putting to increase charges. Actually it's not that bad it seems. Two other aunties he was mansplaining to have moved away
Ok same uncle is now telling me "jara jara hospital e covid theke shustho hoye phire aste perecehhe tara tara bolchhe 'norok dorshon kore elam'"
So many uncles are wearing N95 s OVER a surgical mask😩
First dose ppl have been sent away and now it's mostly calm ppl sitting around here and there. It's all still open air and reasonable amount of shade and nice breeze and crows cawing and hum of air conditions jutting out of building and I am beginning to feel very drowzy
Maybe I have just been shut in for too long but they are making announcements over mic like "token no tirish theke chollish reception e chole ashun" or "Samanta Ray er phamily member ke achhe billing e ashun" and it's making me vaguely nostalgic about college fests and pujo
Parents just got here. Dad wearing mask wrongly 🙄. Meanwhile Amazon delivery guy got to my home and offering to come to the hospital gate when I told him I am here😭
MY PARENTS just went up for their vaccination!!!!
Yellow kurta uncle (now unrecognizable cause he has managed to go change shirts somehow) has accosted me to point of who who in the line he suspects of having come to stand in line because someone paid them to. All his observations are pretty baseless.
I think either he also realised that or I maybe looked too blank because he said "but aar kichhu koraro nei lok e ki korbe" and gave up.
I was looking at yellow kurta uncle five minutes and ago and thinking wow Indian uncles DO look identical. Lol.
Lady next to me and man next to me on other side now pointing out all the really old people here who apparently have fully grown strapping sons in town but dekhun ki bhaggo. (Yes, but also, it really should have been door to door for the really elderly)
Ok just got sms re each parental unit's second dose vaccination and I am suddenly VERY tired
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