Somebody said, "that is my point" and another person replied, "end the point right there."

You people should allow Bisola speak. You will not shit a woman down on my watch. No way.
Bolaji is talking. She's trying to break down how Stan Kroenke became the majority shareholder and another is countering her by using the corporate governance explanation.
Verdict: Arsenal fans too know book.

She said, you are evaluating Kroenke as a business man......

Someone else is talking about how Arsenal moved to the Emirates without Kroenke.

They said Kroenke bought his first share in 2007
The lady said Kroenke was brought in as a financier to help Arsenal through the crunch of.........(I didn't hear that part).

"You are saying he's a bad business man based on what you want to see, based on success"

"Its not about success, it's about sustainability"
"Dortmund don't make a lot but they are successful in revenue."

"Success is relative. Success is relative."
Someone is asking everybody to wait.

"Wait, wait....we are talking about success", then went ahead to list few clubs that are doing better than Arsenal financially.

"I think we are in a good mix"
She keeps missing the point. She replies, "it's because there's no point....", jokingly.

Someone is talking about KPI but they won't let him speak.

He has mentioned KPI like 30 times now.
This guy is still talking about KPI but others want to talk about PR.

Okay now, we are listening to the KPI guy.

He said, "the KPI we are using to judge this guy is different from the KPI of a billionaire."
Okay, now they are using the Jeff Bezos example and talking about separating your emotions from the reality.
They are talking about the ESL.

"The ESL was a business decision"
There is one Bunmi in the chat that's cheering Bisola on.

"Bisola Wenger, let them know."

Lmaoooo I love it.
They are listening to Bolaji and she's lecturing everybody.

Next, you guys should allow Bisola speak too.
Why are they pronouncing shit as shite in this place?

Some people no dey talk for this zoom call. I no like am.
"I think they have a problem with Kroenke being an American than Kroenke being a bad owner"
I think this guy likes Bisola. He can't say a sentence without calling Bisola.

Leave Bisola alone.
"There's no way Kroenke would have known Arteta would be a bad decision. He looked like a good decision at the time."
"Arsenal is rookie. Gave him a director of football who is also a rookie. Very very dumb decision."

Now, someone need to meet Josh as the representative.

They want to ask them to hire a director of football that is sound.
Well, I like it.

Bye dears.
Last one.

"I knew Arteta was a bad decision abeg" ~ @oddy4real
@Kapitan_Joey I see you.
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