This @AriMelber segment on the 1994 Crime Bill is a bunch of revisionist bullshit.
Hey @AriMelber it's cute you included Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton (who wasn't even an elected official), & Bill Clinton & their words in your bullshit revisionist special report. Wanna know which "progressive" was also for the Crime Bill? Your boy, Bernie Sanders.
Hey @AriMelber let's make this clear. If you're gonna tell the story, tell the whole story. Don't sit here in your revisionist monologue & speak this bullshit. Tell the truth about how many of our communities were overrun with crime because of the crack/cocaine epidemic.
Hey @AriMelber your pompous, highfalutin ass can speak this shit now because people like me came up in these communities that needed help. You can talk this shit now because you're standing on OUR SHOULDERS. Show clips of what places in NYC was like before the Crime Bill.
Y'all not gonna erase the truth & what life was like for us before the Crime Bill @AriMelber. You wouldn't have been able to sit there & talk your shit were it not for us. It was the states who went implemented the Crime Bill. Speak truth. Now fcuk you Mr Fake Rapper Ari.
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