Greedy people don't know they are greedy.

Their mental accounting is forged from principles that happened to have served them.

They consider it a virtue to extend their own mental GAAP to all of their life's transactions and relationships.

Greed + need to be consistent 🤮
So there's a part of shaudenfraude in me that loves a meaningless (# of people it affects) but ultimately punitive tax on people who care so much about collecting money because it hurts them the most.
I'm not saying my feeling here is righteous or right or anything like that. I'm just reflexively turned off by desire for tons of wealth or power which prolly says more about my own immaturity than anything. Meanwhile I root for people to get rich doing what I think is cool.
So I'm def not taking the high road here and that's bother some little platonic part me maybe but this is Twitter after all
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