1) Im sorry but obsession w/ direct air carbon capture and sequestration seems misguided.

There are countless coal plants (many w/ relaxed emissions standards thanks to Trump) w/o scrubbers.

We can have incredible environment impact today at far lower cost, why wait?
2) Preventing emissions is far more economically efficient than reversing damage once it’s done and the opportunity is far more scalable.

It’s the equivalent of retaining a customer vs re-acquiring once they churned.
3) We need to do everything we can to protect our planet, but anchoring on technology that isn’t commercially viable today (and frankly may not be without a significant price on carbine) when we have commercially viable ways to create positive environmental seems impractical.
4) This very much reminds me of cleantech 1.0 where we were promised (and invested in) breakthrough innovations that never materialized and dismissed basic infrastructure investment to modernize/clean our grid. Thankfully things like ITC carried the market forward for renewables.
5) Yes, lets invest in R&D, but recognize the need to do some basic blocking and tackling first. We need to reduce emissions TODAY.

$ + Digital Technology can have a MASSIVE impact today. We can achieve that impact while being both economically and environmentally sustainable.
6) I’m excited for innovation, but the cost of failure is to high. Digital solutions, behavior change, reformed ag and renewable infrastructure can take us to a sustainable future and we need talent folks focused on achieving these objectives today.
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