Proof that women forgoing men and marriage is not caused by wokeism, this is just what naturally happens when women are allowed a choice. The incentives for marriage, as it currently exists for women, are simply weak. Wives have five jobs while their husbands have one.
Right wing men will drool over China as some bastion of anti woke, anti liberalism politics. And yet Chinese women are increasingly less interested in marriage and family. East Asia is actually doing worse in regards to inceldom and birth rates.
Perhaps it's not about blue hair, birth control, girlboss, tinder, tattoos, and bare ankles. Perhaps the problem is simply how we treat women? Why do you people have this bizarre idea that women are somehow exempt from responding to incentives?
When given the choice, many women don't want to associate with men let alone have their kids. Rather than screech at them and call them whores maybe you should reflect on why women feel disgusted at the thought of carrying on your genes?
I know it's brutal but at some point you gotta take an honest look at yourself. Because we choose who reproduces and because this makes us dependent on a male partner, women are a mirror to the men of their society. And men don't want to look at the ugliness they've created.
They want women to fake it for their ego, fake the smile, fake the orgasm, fake your beauty (a sign of health). All that's happened now is that women aren't as pressured to fake it, the mask is off and men desperately want you to put it back on, not actually fix the problem
I've said this before, but it's true. If you want a world of feminine women, then treat them well, make it safe to be feminine. This isn't that hard to figure out.
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