On #EarthDay2021 I have been hearing something very disturbing.

It goes like this:

“Human beings are a virus.”
“The earth would be better off with out any humans.”
“We are a plague.”

I deeply and profoundly disagree.

These ideas have their roots in eco-fascism.
If humans were not necessary, earth and nature would not have dreamed us up. We are part of this planet. Our true role is to be a part of nature, not an antagonist to it.

The nature of colonial/Western civilization is antagonistic to nature. Yes.  But humans, no.
The sole definition of humanity cannot be derived from exploiters, extractors, destroyers.

I refuse that definition.

It is the definition of the Nazis and the genocidal colonialists- that nature is to be dominated and it is to serve humans.

I reject that.
Human history and culture is far longer, deeper and wider than this moment. Than the last 500 years or the last 10,000 years.

For centuries humans lived as a species that helped shape biodiversity and balance.

Humans PLANTED the Amazon. Humans can be gardeners and protectors.
But if we call ourselves a virus we let our selves off the hook. We become defined by our worst manifestation.

That is a great way to hate yourself, and a great way to do nothing to change.
But if our nature is to be gardeners and protectors of biological and cultural diversity then we have a responsibility to nature unlike any other creature on earth.

We must heed this responsibility and work from it. We just realize that we belong here. And that it is our work
To preserve and cultivate nature.

Nature is not better off without us. Just as the garden is overrun by weeds so is the Earth without humans. That is historically and geologically proven.

So don’t hate yourself. Hate the viral destructive racist violent ideas of Extractivism.
Reject the ideas that separate us from nature. And from OUR TRUE HUMAN NATURE-and a new thinking will start to emerge. 

We are not a virus.

And we are not a plague.

We are here because the earth dreamed us and I don’t think the earth made a mistake.

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