⏰ Ten minutes until our next #First100Days series event on Climate Justice! ⏰ Follow this thread for live tweet updates, we have some amazing climate activists joining us. #EarthDay
Immediately after natural disasters, like Hurricane Maria and Katrina, reporting shows that women faced an uptick in gender based violence and harassment. Globally, the United Nations data indicates that 80% of the people displaced by climate change are women. #ClimateJustice
Our panelist Tamara Toles O’Laughlin is a national climate strategist and environmental advocate. She most recently was the former North American Director of http://350.org  and now serves as the chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Women’s Voices for the Earth.
Our panelist Iakowi:he’ne’ Oakes is a Mohawk woman, mother, leader, advocate, producer, coach, artist, designer and athlete. She is the Founder and Director of the North American Indigenous Center of New York: (for) Culture, Equity and Economic Development. @AICHNYC
And our third and final panelist, Yang, is a 19-year-old multimedia artist, spokeswoman, and steering committee member for Youth United for Climate Crisis Action (YUCCA) from the Diné - Navajo Nation. YUCCA represents the diverse communities of northern New Mexico.
@ChrisFNunes asked our panel: How is climate justice a feminist issue? Tamara Toles O’Laughlin says the system is flat out not meant for women. "The blind spots in the system don't see women, and that just creates more challenges."
Panelist Iakowi:he’ne’ Oakes says we need truth. "We have to acknowledge the people who originate from this land. In my own experience, my family has experienced brutal colonization."
Iakowi:he’ne’ says she is excited @SecDebHaaland is able to represent Indigenous women in the fight against racial injustice and for climate justice.
Iakowi:he’ne’ says we have to be brave and fearless. "It is time for women to step up, take over, and operate from our hearts. We are all in a position where we need to fight to survive." #FeministAgenda
Our panelist Yang says her and other young people in New Mexico are stepping up at the state legislature to fight for bills that will help fight climate change. "I feel as young people we were inspired and it gave us the motivation to continue to spread the message."
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