Angela Merkel’s statement that Germany/West ‘allowed’ India to become a large pharmaceutical producer is extremely unfortunate and shortsighted. India is a rising power of 1.3 billion people who are hardworking and have aspirations. Merkel should have known better. @CDUMerkel
India has stood by the world during these dark times of pandemic. India has behaved as a responsible member of the global community. Not because West deserves it, but India’s values don’t allow her to do anything else. Such arrogance by @CDUMerkel should be condemned by all.
United States has hoarded vaccines four times its real need . Greatest democracy on the earth doesn’t get tired of preaching equality to the ‘third world’ yet it won’t share vaccines or raw material. US is sitting on tons of Aztra Zeneca which will never be approved.
Western Europe including Germany hasn’t come forward to help poorer nations in dealing with pandemic, yet they never get tired of lecturing anyone. India did not create this virus, those who did, West does not have the guts to charge them with crime against humanity.
India did not create this second wave nor did it create first wave. Richest countries have fallen to deathly grip of Covid-19. When the US healthcare was falling like house of cards because they had no gloves or PPE,India did not sit in judgement of the US.India only offered help
When Italy was seeing dance of destruction, India did not sit in judgment criticizing Italy. Western leaders better realize that India will grow despite them. And India thanks West for being tone deaf and insensitive. Success will come at a price, but India will come out of this.
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