The fact that you have to try and clarify their lack of involvement says a lot. The #ArmenianGenocide didn’t end in 1915. The Ottoman forces were in the Caucasus from 1918 to 1921. Together 🇹🇷&🇦🇿 destroyed Nakhichevan’s Armenian population, and ransacked Baku’s Armenian quarters.
Massacres in Nakhichevan by the Azerbaijanis and Turks:

June 1918: 10,000 Armenians massacred and 45 villages destroyed

July 1919: 12,000 Armenians were massacred

December 1919: 1,400 Armenians massacred in Agulis

Keep lying that they had no role in the #ArmenianGenocide
Besides the massacres of Nakhichevan which reduced the Armenian population from 40% to 10% you had:

-Massacre of 30,000 Armenians in Baku in September 1918

-Massacre of 700 Armenians in 4 villages around Shushi in June 1919

-Massacre of 20,000 Armenians in Shushi in March 1920
And for those who may not be able to see his 16-post thread on the #ArmenianGenocide he ended with a few tweets to try and distance the Azerbaijanis from the Turks in their complicity during the war crimes while forgetting how Turks helped Azerbaijanis take Baku and Nakhichevan.
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