Aaaaaand there it is. The Energy Turnaround.

On the cusp of shutting off their cleanest, most reliable, and most prolific power plants, German utilities demand fossil fuel get classified as "clean" or the country may face extreme danger.
This is why German fossil fuel plant capacity is UP over twenty years despite adding 115 GW of wind and solar.

One hundred. Fifteen. Gigawatts. Hundreds of billions of euro.

Just to desperately beg for more fossil fuel investment to save the country.
Germany is now tipping into a negative capacity time for its clean energy. Without passing emergency subsidies for old wind turbines, they'll exit. Nuclear exit is jumping 8 fold over next two years compared to the past five.

Solar coming in barely faster than old solar aging.
When I talk to folks in developing countries, I hear about energy ministers and top advisors in thrall to the German "success story".

This is the year the word will get out: the reason Germany wants you to buy renewables is to sell it to you, not because it's working at home.
"Germany is also under fire from most EU members and environmentalists for...Nord Stream 2, which will transport gas from Russia directly to Germany...On the other hand, Germany is about to exit nuclear power and lobbied against a green label for the technology..."

Says it all.
Who's going to get the angry podcast rant version of this thread?


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