1/ A reader points to a VERY worrisome finding in the @cdcgov Chicago nursing home report: patients L19, a 49-year-old staffer, and M20, a 77-year-old resident - both had very low PCR threshold counts (the nurse’s was under 17) and NO symptoms. Why does this matter?
2: Lower PCR counts mean a person has a heavier viral load - and is thus both more likely to be very sick and more infectious. (That’s why people with PCRs over 30 or certainly 35 don’t need to be quarantined). These two should have been extremely symptomatic.
3: Instead, the vaccine seems to have protected them from feeling sick - but not from being thoroughly infected and potentially spreading the virus. THIS IS EVIDENCE FOR A POSSIBLE MAREK’S DISEASE OUTCOME, where vaccinated people spread the virus aggressively to the unvaccinated.
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