Here we go-- #ClimateSecurity at #LeadersClimateSummit! Will share highlights here: 🧵
@ODNIgov says: For the IC, climate change is near and long-term threat. Notes the IC has not always made it a key priority, though it has looked at the issue for years. #ClimateSecurity
@USUN says: It doesn't matter where you live, climate change is a challenge for every person, in every nation, on every continent....threat is to our collective security.
@USUN says: so many of the world's most fragile states and regions are those that are the most vulnerable to climate challenges.
@USUN says: The purpose of this panel is to coordinate to prevent conflict caused by climate crisis, and turn this security threat into a shared opportunity.
@jensstoltenberg @NATO says: Global warming is making the world more dangerous. Expects NATO leaders to approve an ambitious action plan on climate at the June meeting.
@jensstoltenberg says: makes little sense to have more and more electric vehicles on our streets but not in our militaries.
Spain to talk about Sahel. (Maybe someone from the Sahel should talk about Sahel?!).
Spanish Defense Minister giving a straightforward overview of climate risks in the Sahel. Nothing new.
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