So, a weird part of selling rare books and modern first editions by women, is that sometimes I end up having to acquire books not by women to get the books I want by women. What this means is I have a storage locker of books by men. OOPS.
I need to deal with them. I have done some behind the scenes selling. I have thought about putting them in an auction as a job lot. But now I am mulling just having an annual man book sale to benefit domestic violence. Or something.
But then I think people will turn out for the man book sale in droves and that is honestly exactly besides the point.
Man books, you are complicating my life.
And honestly if anyone interprets this thread as anything but hilarious, go away. I love so many books by men.
But so does everyone. Go away man books.
The thing that is so funny about it, is it's exactly the opposite of what a lot of dealers in my trade do, which is weed out books by women, for not being valuable. I mean, in that way, it fills me with a little bit of joy that I am doing the reverse.
And nope I can't just donate them, because I am broke and paid for them. For some damn reason.
I will definitely figure it out, I just thought everyone should know this delightful and satisfying but burdensome problem I have.
Update! Went to visit the man books. The man-ness of them is pretty serious.
Man books to keep? Nah.
And the escape from the man book cave. Took the rest of my reference books and some things to inventory. And bookshelves for the office.
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