NEVER forget this. #DougFord has been the client of one of the most manipulative dark actors to ever operate on the Canadian political landscape: Navigator. They have coached him, planted stories in the press, shaped social media responses through inauthentic activity. #ONpoli
Remember this piece of lockstep propaganda in #cdnmedia?

Take note of who falls for #DougFord’s ridiculous crocodile tears today. The Trudeau gov’t transferred billions to Ford for #COVID19Ontario relief measures. Ford hoarded the💰instead of implementing #PaidSickDays. #ONpoli
Now that there are petitions demanding #DougFordResign, suddenly this incompetent conman can produce the #PaidSickDays that he was given federal funding to help pay for, OVER A YEAR AGO? Anyone who falls for #DougFord’s soap opera acting, is a fool, a liar or an enabler. #onpoli
Or how about this? Remember when #Conservatives all followed a script to demand rapid testing, claiming it would open up the economy? Only later revealed that MILLIONS of tests HAD been shipped by the feds & were collecting dust, unused by provinces like Ontario? #cdnpoli #ONpoli
A bit more about Navigator. They employ multi-pronged techniques to launch propaganda, disinformation & public manipulation. Including AI, “True” - their in-house web & content generator (including YouTube videos & social media memes) & “crisis response dashboard” Kio. #cdnpoli
But Navigator is certainly not alone. They act in concert with majority #Conservative owned #cdnmedia, esp #Postmedia where they have multiple ties, as well as 3rd party front groups funded by #DarkMoney. Such as the groups run by #JeffBallingall, formerly of Navigator. #cdnpoli
I’ll add this at the end here. Additional info re Navigator CEO, Jaime Watt. H/t @Theobius.
As I was saying. My God, the shamelessness of it. The gaslighting garbage shamelessness. I won’t share the link. Don’t give them the clicks. But this is grotesque. #DougFord’s grifting, incompetence & negligence has literally killed people. #PostMedia is trash. #cdnmedia #ONpoli
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