Tesla ultra bulls do NOT like it when you bring up how there are companies that CURRENTLY have autonomous robotaxis on the road.
2/ No one else can do robotaxis, even though they are, because Tesla's robotaxi network is coming. First-mover advantage, of course.

Others shouldn't even try to compete with Tesla. Game, set, match.
3/ To be clear, @WR4NYGov touts a $TSLA conspiracy theory that EVERY AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE COMPANY IN THE WORLD (other than Tesla) is in cahoots and all those cars are actually being controlled by remote human operators.
4/ So since this brand new technology has not scaled to thousands of cities, it's a massive hoax. By that logic, 4680, Cybertruck, Semi, Roadster 2.0, and Tesla's robotaxi network must also be hoaxes.
I didn't think I would have to defend myself for not traveling during a global pandemic.
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