Today is #EarthDay2021

A day to celebrate #ClimateAction .

And a day to remember that climate justice needs to be inclusive.

Disabled people are disproportionately affected by extreme climate events.

Yet we're rarely included in those conversations.

Here's an example.
The ban on plastic straws was seen as a victory by climate change campaigners, and governments and corporations rapidly implemented it.

If single-use plastic is a big environmental issue, the focus on the straw harmed many disabled people.

Because many non disabled people do not need straws & consider it a non-essential item there was overall support for the move.

If it would have been an item the majority of people needed then the ban wouldn't have happened so fast.

The group that spearheaded the campaign - Lonely Whale - even acknowledged that the straw was a symbol more than anything.

Plastic straw pollution only represents 0,025% of overall plastic pollution.

Disabled people care about climate change, and want action.

But their needs and their lives shouldn't be overlooked.

Plastic straws must remain available to those who need it - people whose feeding and medication intake etc. depends on it.

We cannot erase a whole group of people when taking action to tackle climate change.

Especially those most affected by its after effects.

We're not included in climate activism.

The Paris agreement barely mentions us while the UN Convention on disability rights (UNCRPD) doesn't mention climate change at all.

Climate change is the biggest threat to the world, and the biggest threat to the disability community.
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