A fully realized Oregon Climate Action Plan will improve health, equity, and the economy. On #EarthDay , we're calling on Oregon's leaders to make the "Opportunities for Progress" in our new report a reality for Oregonians. https://bit.ly/OCAP_Progress2021 #ORClimateAction @OregonGovBrown
#ORClimateAction Plan covers a lot: transportation, cap & reduce, clean energy, clean buildings, public health, and natural & working lands. Within each issue area, there are several opportunities this year to make major changes for the better. #EarthDay
Here are just some-->
⚡ 🚌 Strengthen and extend the already successful Clean Fuels Program, with a targeted reduction of at least 25% of climate pollution by 2035. This will expand fuel choices to cut down climate and air pollution. 🚗🚚 @OregonDEQ
🚛 New standards to transition big trucks and delivery vans from the largest polluters on the road to zero-emissions, by increasing electric truck sales and standards for lowering pollution. 🚐 @OregonDEQ #ORClimateAction #ElectricTrucks
🔥 Start the long-term planning process at the Public Utility Commission for an equitable transition from fossil fuel “natural” gas in Oregon to greater reliance in homes and businesses on clean electricity from renewables like wind and solar. ⚡️🏘️
🏗️🏢 Help Oregonians be healthier, save money, and save energy by passing HB 2398 ( #ORleg) and adopting a new building code, called a REACH code, so cities and towns have the choice to require new homes and buildings to be even more energy efficient than the baseline. 🏡
🏭 Finish setting up a strong “Climate Protection Program” (aka cap & reduce) to require large polluters, like oil and gas companies, to lower their pollution over time based on the best science and transition to clean energy. 🛢️ @OregonDEQ
👷 Adopt new rules to protect Oregon workers from excessive heat 🌡️ and wildfire smoke 🔥, both made more frequent and severe by the #ClimateCrisis. And complete an @OHAOregon study on the impacts on youth mental health by increasing danger and impacts from #ClimateChange. 😰
🌲 Seek near-term opportunities to implement climate-smart forestry practices within the @ORDeptForestry and Board of Forestry, which reduce pollution from logging and increase carbon sequestration in state and private forests. 🌿 #ORClimateAction
Thanks to our big coalition of partner groups and dedicated volunteers, we’re at all the public hearings, in work groups, and letting those in charge know we expect real protections and progress for Oregonians. #ORClimateAction #EarthDay2021
There's a whole lot more to accomplish; several “Opportunities for Progress” in each of the six sections of the OCAP Progress Report. Check'em out and let us know which ones are most exciting to you. #EarthDay2021 #EarthDayEveryDay
https://bit.ly/OCAP_Progress2021 #ORClimateAction
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