im looking at a few known horror games and im noticing how all have the loop theory in some way or another. (FNAF, LN, BATIM) im not gonna explain the LN loop theory too much since it still confuses me a bit, gonna look more into it. however, at the core of it, its a theory
(by the way this thread has mentions of death and such)
of someone, always taking the place of thin man. (and the women i believe?) the batim theory comes from the game starting and ending the same way. so theres a theory of henry, the main character, you, are going through to workshop over and over trying to get a new ending.
which also stems into the wall writing being you. the idea of it, is that henry keeps going in, trying to find what joey wanted him to find and changing how the story ends. now!! fnaf!! fnaf's loop theory comes from revenge. i dont remember who the main characters name.
but whoever afton after killing all those kids, now suffers dying from them over and over. the jump scares. the jump scares them being put into the suit after being killed. the same as he did to the children. personally, i dont really believe this theory, however, its still
insanely cool. anyways that was just something i picked up looking at those few games- it was a pointless thread of me talking about theories and stuff so yknow-
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