#EarthDay is all about taking action to tackle climate change & celebrating the global work to save our planet. Over at Twitter we’re:

🌏 Teaming up with climate leaders,
🌿 Setting big environmental goals, and
💪 Pursuing climate justice in our communities.

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The scientific community is clear – we’re living in a climate emergency, and collective, community-led action is critical.

How are we doing our part? We’ve signed onto a Science-Based Targets pledge to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. 👥🌱 https://sciencebasedtargets.org/how-it-works 
We’re focused on making a global impact, and that means equipping our teams with the science, the solutions, and the tools to help save our planet. 💪

Today, we’re hosting climate leaders for conversations with Twitter employees about bold environmental solutions.
Taking on the global climate crisis requires community. @DWEJonline and @UPROSE are two incredible organizations advocating for environmental and racial justice in their cities.

We’re grateful for their partnership and for the opportunity to support their critical work.
There's a lot happening here on Twitter, too!

Check out @EUEnvironment’s amazing Twitter Q&A with @Fridays4future to learn about some of the best ways to mitigate environmental harms. 🌏 https://twitter.com/EUEnvironment/status/1385232207623622666?s=20
We’ve been celebrating #NationalParkWeek since 2016, but you’ll notice something a little different this year… https://twitter.com/TwitterGov/status/1383088267046879233?s=20
In 🇮🇳, @LetMeBreathe_In and @EarthDay_India joined a #SunoEarthKi discussion on restoring our forests. 🌲🌳 https://twitter.com/LetMeBreathe_In/status/1385195628678942721?s=20
In 🇦🇺, we’re amplifying the Great Reef Census #EarthDay campaign from @citizensGBR, an organization working to conserve the Great Barrier Reef and reefs around the world.
In 🇭🇰🇹🇼, we joined up with local NGOs to support and amplify their #EarthDay campaigns, including @twbf1988, @FutureEarthTPE, @TNC_HK, @HKSharkFdn, and @ADMCF_Wildlife.

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And in 🇵🇭, we took part in @EarthDayPH’s 30-day countdown to #EarthDay2021 , a campaign highlighting ways we can all play a part in water conservation. https://twitter.com/EarthDayPH/status/1373437471367651331?s=20
Want to learn more about the global work to tackle climate change? Don’t know where to start?

Check out our @Nonprofits list, featuring environmental nonprofits from around the world.
At Twitter, we’re committed to transforming our environmental footprint.

We each have an opportunity to play a part, big or small, and from wherever we are in the world.

There’s more to do, and we’re grateful for the progress we’ve made. Happy #EarthDay from Team Twitter! 🌏
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