Y’all ready for quantum physics discourse?

So, there’s this thing in our community (I feel like with many things, it’s bled over from New Age) where people use the word “quantum physics” to try to make magick and other spiritual based concepts seem more “sciency”. (Thread)
The problem with this is, it’s literally just throwing around the term with no actual understanding or application of quantum physics. Also, I’m sure many of us have fallen into this trap in the past, and there’s no shame in that.
There are a LOT of spiritual websites out there that talk about quantum physics but never seem to have an actual quantum physicist onboard.
If the science you’re using to “prove” magick is sound, there’s no issue with that. But throwing around “quantum physics”...isn’t sound. Also, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. This is your personal practice, this is something that works for you. That’s all you need.
I absolutely do think that magic can be backed by science, and there have been some findings that suggest that it is. However, let’s keep the science sound and use reliable sources rather than buzzwords.
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