A very disappointing ruling today from #SCOTUS in Jones v. Mississippi - https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/20pdf/18-1259_8njq.pdf
An "abrupt" break from Miller and Montgomery, as the dissenters put it.
/2 As Sotomayor summarizes, "In the Court’s view, a sentencer never need determine, even implicitly, whether a juvenile convicted of homicide is one of “those rare children whose crimes reflect irreparable corruption.”
/3 The majority emphasizes that states can take action, and have, by ending the practice & "States may also establish rigorous proportionality or other substantive appellate review of life-without-parole sentences."
/3 The majority says "Determining the proper sentence in such a case raises profound questions of morality and social policy."

It does. No other country in the world permits juvenile life without parole sentences. What could be more cruel and unusual?
/4 And the idea that permanent incorrigibility need not be required, to sentence a kid to LWOP?
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