1/ Good to see Canada ramping up its ambition to 40-45% emissions reductions below 2005 levels by 2030 and it’s not enough.

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2/ Canada’s fair share of the global effort to hold warming to 1.5° requires means a 60% reduction in domestic GHGs by 2030 paired with a dramatic scaling up of Canada’s international climate financing and other efforts to reduce emissions globally. https://climateactionnetwork.ca/2019/12/02/canadas-fair-share-towards-limiting-global-warming-to-1-5c/
3/ For a country that has never met a climate goal it’s important that Canada is putting forward policies designed to increase ambition, but Canada has never met a climate goal not just because of a failure of ambition but a failure of climate governance.
4/ To immediately ramp up ambition we must address the lack of climate governance - strengthen #BillC12 in Committer and then pass it so that Canadian governments are legally required to ratchet up the ambition of our climate targets and make plans to meet those targets.
5/ Let’s get Canada into the momentum of ratcheting up climate goals over time as the Paris Agreement says we're supposed to - under Bill C12 a review and enhancement of this new target should happen no later than 2025.
6/ In his speech, PM Trudeau mentioned Canada being an energy exporting nation and that making it challenging for us to meet an enhanced target. An ambiguous but rare acknowledgement of the main barrier to climate ambition in Canada.
7/ Tackling climate change in 🇨🇦 means breaking our addiction to fossil fuels + addressing the largest and fastest growing source of GHGs in this country: oil and gas production. Canada's new NDC should address emissions from o+g, ban subsidies, & enshrine a just transition 4 all
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