On #EarthDay we wanted to platform some of the wonderful #Jewish organisations in the UK advocating for environmental sustainability. 🌳
The @EcoSynagogue (in partnership with @BoardofDeputies) is brilliant in promoting environmental engagement across the Jewish Community and aim to engage all Synagogues to register & participate in 'The Environmental Audit'. Learn more:
The @JewishVegSoc is great way to find delicious Jewish style vegetarian recipes, as they hope to spread awareness of the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle (based on Jewish values). Read more: https://www.jvs.org.uk/ 
We also love @Sadehfarm, an environmental community farm and centre based on Jewish values and located in Kent. You can take trips, tours and volunteer on the farm too! 👩‍🌾 https://sadehfarm.co.uk/ 
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