This is part of what one is saying. See selections from elsewhere, vs selection from Nigeria

What happened to citing the Microsoft Engineering Center ( @MicrosoftADC) in Lagos, or the largest genomics research center in Africa ( @acegid)—or FB’s first Engineering Office in Africa?
There has to be a very particular mental/psychological condition (in addition to a very willful blindness) that results in something like this. Where you select the best from elsewhere to pit against Nigeria’s most mundane, or even its worst.
From the @FinancialTimes: More than $100m in research funding secured for what is going to be the largest genomics research center in Africa. In Osun State. But there’s a willful blindness to this, because it doesn’t fit the prevailing narratives:
The ‘tweeter’ is of course very well known for such narratives. And Twitter too loves it, premium clickbait content. It’s just another day in the life hehehe...
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