Today's ep of Battleground asks a question I think a lot of you On Here will have opinions on:

If everyone hates political consultants, why are they still in charge?
We had a *very* candid & nuanced convo with @TimLimDC about how consultants are not bad people but can be incentivized in problematic directions, & how the reliance on firms is part of structural issues within politics around work/life balance, pay, & talent development.
This is one of my favorite topics b/c I think it's something folks who don't work in this space sometimes miss: "Politics" is both an important entity that directly affects millions of peoples' lives & also, much like any other industry, a work enviro with its own internal drama.
The twist is that politics-as-an-industry ~drama~ directly affects the outcome of elections and legislating - so the reality that one of the few ways to develop a sustainable & stable career in politics is to become a consultant is annoyingly relevant to more than just insiders.
We really dig in on the nuance in the podcast. I'm so glad @fshakir was down for this convo, and *so* grateful to @TimLimDC for being so game.
(Final note: The answer, like most things, is for donors to better fund sustainable orgs & infrastructure. Build teams in-house, create places for more senior talent to stay year-round, and the need for consultants both as a service & as a career-stop will change!)
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