For #EarthDay #LeadersClimateSummit climate justice must be rooted in racial justice.

With a disturbing trend of eco-fascism entering mainstream discourse on #ClimateAction , we're here to dispel some arguments.

Here are 3 ecofascist points to challenge for people and the planet
Eco-fascism is the link between environmentalism and fascism.

Combining white supremacy with environmentalism, eco-fascists push for controlling population, criminalising migration and rejecting multiculturalism as #ClimateAction solutions for #ClimateCrisis
Eco-fascist often wrap their language in #environmental care.

They mainstream their points in #climatechange debates this way.

A lot of people push eco-fascist talking points without even knowing.
Eco-fascist talking point 1 to challenge:

"Overpopulation causes climate crisis"

It does not.
Here's why it's a problem:

- it often focuses on the Global South where population growth rates have started to take off after throwing off colonialism
- it implies population control in the Global South, reduction in human numbers or having kids as a solution

That is fascist.
By focusing on the population, it obscures the true driver of the #climatecrisis.

That is, a system of modern capitalism that focuses on endless extraction, unsustainable growth and profit accumulation.
Eco-fascist talking point 2 to challenge:

"Human Beings are a virus to the planet"

This is a colonial and misanthropic idea.
Human beings are not the virus when:

- Indigenous people make up 5% of the global population, but protect 80% of Earth’s biodiversity

- 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

We are not the virus. Capitalism and its practices are the virus.
Eco-fascist talking point 2 to challenge:

"We don’t have enough resources to sustain all the people on Earth"

We do have enough food, water, land and resources.

The problem is the concentration of wealth and resources in the hands of an elite minority.
This implies that poverty is the natural result of life or that the solution to #ClimateCrisis is population control.

This is wrong.

Capitalism & imperialism create poverty, unequal wealth distribution & #climatechange.

Resources should be redistributed fairly for all!
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