A group of physically-challenged men opened a dhaba last year. It was covered widely in media. I congratulated them at that time.
Today got a desperate call from owner Amit Sharma, requesting monetary help to stay afloat due to corona.
@sewanyaya is sending them 20k right away 🙏
Had given a shoutout to them when they started. In fact, had offered help but the owners politely said that all they needed was to be promoted. Pains to see the challenges and misery around. https://twitter.com/swati_gs/status/1346324730307960832?s=19
So we have decided to get the Pandit Kitchen run by this group of physically-challenged men to distribute food to the needy in that area. @sewanyaya will provide funds to the kitchen, as long as we can.
Thanks @samritanshu for the idea
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