Visited my new GP practice for serological testing for immunity to SAR-CoV-2 but she didn't have a clue about them & sent me instead for a PCR test miles away 2 hours later, which I couldn't change the location of so cancelled it. Then they texted telling me to isolate #WTF!
I eventually succeeded in getting an appointment in Connolly hospital next Tuesday through the British corporation's  website.
It took all of this morning to arrange.

This country is a mess!


Bloods taken at Connolly hospital.
The doctor wasn't sure they can do all the serological tests for SARS-CoV-2 such as the IgG.

Strange in a pandemic when there is a cabal of globalists pushing for an #ImmunityPassport.🤔

@laoneill111 My GP rang telling me the hospital will not now analyse my blood samples for serological immune responses to #SARSCoV2.

How else can I prove I'm immune?

I'm still trying to get an HRCT scan of my lungs🫁 with no luck yet.

This is a shitshow.

@laoneill111 I just talked to the lab manager of NVRL UCD.
They don't do serological testing for SARS-CoV-2?
She didn't know of any scientists carrying out research into this either. Does your lab?

They didn't receive my bloods either so Connolly testing must have been in house.
RTÉ pumping out #FakeNews about us testing for immunity in Ireland w.r.t. vaccines & immunity.

They are cherry picking foreign laboratory research.
They are doing nothing to research immunity.

They won't even do serological testing here, still!🤷🏻‍♂️

RTÉ news now tells us people PCR positive tested in the last 6 months will be "deemed" "fully immune" after one jab of a double(triple) dose vaccine.

WTF is going on?

This is anti-science #Fuckwitery at its peak.
Fucking do serological analysis & stop with the belief systems.🤬
Getting some skin exposure to the blackout (get some protection)
Get me on my feet (get some direction, woo-hoo)
Oh, get me on my feet
Get me off the streets (get some protection)
Get a 2nd, get a (woo-hoo)
Yeah, get a 2nd breath & pass, 2nd go, #Blackout
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