My #EarthDay wish list for #ClimateLeadersSummit 🧵🪡

Gov’t stepping into its power to #KeepItInTheGround for generations with #nonproliferation, in word & deed
Our Gov’t throwing down to cut US emissions reduction to 57-63% below 2005 levels by 2030 because that’s its hella late to just get around to our fair share which is a whole other thread. . . #ClimateLeadersSummit on #EarthDay2021
Care and repair for #climate harm to Black, Indigenous and people of color, and the chronically under served in debt forgiveness, landback, border free sanctuary policy and a Green New Deal #ClimateLeadersSummit on #EarthDay2021
Infrastructure for the people rather than on and through the people- community solar, electrify everything w/out poisoning folk and include everyone in the WHOLE process #ClimateLeadersSummit on #EarthDay2021
Make polluters pay, and pay and pay to fix what they broke which includes rewilding, & moving, rehousing communities that will become #climaterefugees, or be forced to flee #climategentrification or poverty induced by disparate #energyburden #ClimateLeadersSummit on #EarthDay2021
Support, incent and just let farmers grow food because cash crops, and murky carbon markets make money people can’t eat.

#ClimateLeadersSummit on #EarthDay2021
And finally 🛑 stop killing Black people. Start today. You literally can do this in every way by tackling bad air, poisoned water, bad policy and even worse intent. #ClimateLeadersSummit on #EarthDay2021
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