2) Europe took delivery of, and administered, nearly 17M doses of Covid vaccines last week, according to a regular monitoring report that showed that a total of 116M shots had been given;
3) No restriction shall be imposed on the movement of Medical Oxygen between the State and transport authorities shall be instructed to accordingly allow free inter-state movement of oxygen-carrying vehicles: India’s Ministry of Home Affair;
4) India’s desperate Covid situation has worsened. The country has set a new world record for daily recorded infections at 314,835 cases;
5) Some hospitals in New Delhi have run out of oxygen, with officials complaining that neighboring states are refusing to send supplies;
6) Australia will reduce the number of its citizens able to return from India and other red-zone countries to contain risk of more virulent covid variants spreading;
7) Pfizer in discussions with India, commits to make 💉 available for deployment in 🇮🇳 on a not-for-profit basis;
8) The global vaccine-sharing initiative Covax has so far delivered about 1/5 of AZ💉 it estimated would arrive in countries by May, starkly illustrating cost of exports bans, hoarding & supply shortages on a scheme representing a key lifeline for many in the developing world;
9) There are more concerns in Japan about if it can host Summer Olympics. Tokyo stated it won’t host its motor show in October-November b/c of covid, and a police officer (assisting w/Olympic Torch relay last weekend) tested (+) for covid, further denting Olympics optimism;
10) Covid was no longer leading cause of death in both England and Wales in March, new figures show. That’s the first time since October;
11) Spain’s Tourism Minister Fernando Valdes has said the country is “desperate to welcome” UK visitors this summer;
12) Russia accepts in principle a request by Thailand to provide Sputnik V 💉 to 🇹🇭;
13) Singapore’s Manpower Ministry said authorities were investigating possibility of covid reinfections among residents in a migrant workers’ dormitory, after finding ~ 12 (+) cases at facility;
14) Hungary expects to reopen restaurant terraces & shorten night curfew from Saturday, as💉 campaign allows for a further reopening of the economy. PM Viktor Orban’s CoS Gergely Gulyas said at presser that by Friday, 3.5M Hungarians could be 💉 against covid;
15) US drugmaker Pfizer on Wednesday confirmed that suspect doses of its coronavirus vaccine that were seized in Mexico and Poland were fake, with doses going for as much as $1,000 a shot, according to US media;
16) UK coronavirus strain registered in two regions of Bolivia;
17) Ecuador reimposing state of emergency regime, curfew due to COVID-19;
18) Ukraine reports 16,235 new covid cases;
19) Syria gets 200,000 Doses of AZ 💉 under COVAX scheme, UN officials say;
20) Russia registers 8,996 COVID-19 cases in past 24 hours;
21) Afghanistan reports 196 new covid cases;
22) Armenia reports 881 new covid cases;
23) Philippines reports 8,767 new covid cases;
24) 🇸🇪PM Lofver :
“When strain on healthcare eases & spread of infection drops, only then will Gov’ts be ready to start lifting restrictions. But we are not there yet.”
At present, curbs on public gatherings, restaurant hours & public pools & sports stadiums closed, for adults;
25) China willing to help India in its fight against Covid.
“China is willing to provide the necessary support and help,” FM Spox Wang Wenbin said. India reported 314,835 new covid cases yesterday, highest new cases recorded in a single day for India during pandemic;
26) The EUC has said it would not take up an option to buy 100m additional doses of AZ covid 💉 - which is included in the current supply contract the EU has with AZ;
27) Bruno Le Maire, France’s Finance Minister, has said a consensus was emerging to maintain state-backed loans to help companies deal with impact of Covid until the end of 2021;
28) Tokyo reported 861 new cases April 22, vs 843 cases April 21. Tokyo poised to ask eateries to halt all alcohol sales, if new emergency declared. Tokyo to ask businesses to shorten hours to 8 pm. Tokyo gov’t working w/central gov’t re: businesses subject to ops suspension; https://twitter.com/themainichi/status/1385211785419100165
29) Greece (which opens its tourist season on May 15), is prioritising the Covid-19 💉 of residents of its islands, authorities said on Thursday.
It’s 💉 island residents at quicker pace than ML 🇬🇷 b/c of operational reasons, such as transporting and storing the vaccines;
30) Informa (🌍 biggest exhibitions group), reported loss of £1.1B for 2020, as covid pandemic prevented gatherings around the world. Informa’s revenues plummeted by 42% to £1.7B during 2020, compared with £2.9B in 2019, which was unaffected by the pandemic;
31) ICUs in Tunisian public and private hospitals, are at risk of being overwhelmed, as Covid cases surge - an official in an independent scientific committee that advises the government has told Reuters;
32) Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency reports on blood clot cases (thru April 14) re: AZ💉.The cases occurred in 93 women & 75 men (aged from 18 to 93).
Death rate 19% w/33 deaths;
33) Turkey reported 54,791 new cases TH, down from the record 63K+ cases reported last week. 354 people deaths due to Covid-19 reported TH, down from a record-high 362 a day earlier, bringing the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic to 37,329;
34) EU capitals asked by EUC to back legal action vs AZ by end of week, over an alleged breach of contractual obligations to supply member states w💉.

Some member states questioned wisdom of move, warning on rushing into a decision that may further undermine confidence in💉;
35)(A) French PM Jean Castex confirmed TH domestic travel curbs to be lifted & secondary schools to reopen May 3, 1st steps for France exiting its new Covid-19 LD;
35)(B) Castex also said some businesses (bars, restaurants & cultural venues) may reopen mid-May, as Covid-19 situation improves;
35)(C) “The third wave of the disease is behind us,” Castex said, adding France’s 💉 drive was going well. 20M people to have first jab by mid-May. New cases ⬆️ 34,318 TH a 4.25% increase vs last TH, the lowest rise since March 13;
35)(D) Despite earlier unveiling 🇫🇷 1st steps to exiting LD, PM Jean Castex said national curfew will stay in place for now. In addition, 🇫🇷 will impose a 10 day quarantine starting from Saturday for travellers from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and India;
36) Britain detected 55 further India variant (B.1.617) cases, PHE said. A total of 132 confirmed & probable cases of B.1.617 reported. 70 further cases of 🇿🇦 B.1.351 detected in the week running to April 21;
37) India cases for Thursday 4/22 hit a new daily record of 332,052, along with 2.365 deaths; https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/1385302087987204096
38) Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford (facing backlash over Ontario handling of covid), resists calls to resign TH. Ontario is grappling w/3rd covid waves critics say could have been prevented. Ottawa is sending fed HC workers to help. Ontario had 3,682 new cases TH & 40 deaths;
39) The India Covid-19 variant has been detected in Belgium, in a group of 20 Indian nursing students who arrived from Paris in mid-April, Belgian authorities said on Thursday;
40) The Japanese gov’t plans to put Tokyo & 3 western prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto & Hyogo under a state of emergency from Sunday April 25 to May 11, covering 🇯🇵 upcoming string of holidays, to try to curb surging covid cases w/stricter measures, a senior official said Thursday; https://twitter.com/financialjuice/status/1385355239512023042
41) Very helpful breakdown and analysis of the SARCoV2 variants “in the wild” in India; https://twitter.com/tejsowpati/status/1385291287834742784
42) Great thread. From BBC article:
1) Six H(s)/in Delhi run out of medical O2;
2) Doctors say further H(s) have just a few hours of O2 left.
3) People have died waiting for O2;
4) 99% of ICU beds full;
5) India reported 314,835 new cases TH;
6) India has 16M confirmed cases. https://twitter.com/fascinatorfun/status/1385374098545651717
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