The United States, the world's largest economy is about to officially annouce atleast a HALVING of its emissions and new @TheAusInstitute shows Australia should do the same

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New @TheAusInstitute research shows the US and Aus have followed parallel emission paths.

The US significant increase to 50% cut could be copied by Australia to keep both aligned.

Copying a 50% cut would be proportional and fair #auspol #abc730
As I told #abc730

x Australia hasn't committed a net zero by 2050 target
x Hasn't agreed to increase its 2030 target to cut emissions atleast by 50% like the US
x Has given more money to the same tech which includes more support for fossil fuels #auspol

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Halving 2005 emissions by 2030 would be a remaining 43% emissions reduction for the US (on left) and 42% for Australia (on right) – same proportional effort.

Australia must take responsibility for its fair share of a shared global challenge #abc730 #auspol
It's live!

President Joe Biden #LeadersClimateSummit has kicked off with space footage of earth and the solid spiel for why we need to change

Still package #auspol
VP Harris opens (with weird echo in the live feed)

Damn still echo with Pres Biden?
.'This is the decisive decade says @JoeBiden
'This is the first step to Glasgow COP
'We have to take action - all of us
'Each country can set higher climate ambitions

..... and then comes @ScottMorrisonMP
- no net zero by 2050
- no higher goal for 2030
- no ambition
US foreign minister
Sec of State Blinken
Nails home the 'decisive decade' and need for all to do MORE

It was likely someone from State Dept that was honest enough to call our Australia's efforts as insufficient
Developed states must deliver on climate finance confirms the UN Sec Gen @antonioguterres

Would be great if Australia rejoined the UN's Green Climate Fund for starters @theGCF
The one PM Morrison pulled out of while chatting to Alan Jones in 2018

Green mountains are gold mountains' tells China's head of state, President Xi Jinping

One for Aus Resources Minister Keith Pitt

"China will limit coal consumption over next 5 yr period and phase it down over next 5 period"

#ClimateLeadersSummit #auspol
Say what you will but China has been paying alot more attention to the climate summit and to its climate obligations.

Certainly more than the Aussie Government.
PM Modi from India annouces the India-US Climate & Clean Energy Agenda but falls short of targets, ambitions

Instead confirms Indians have 60% lower emissions than the global average, cause of their lifestyles

Stresses the importance of sustainable lifestyles
Now we have the self-described 'Saudi Arabia of wind', UK's @BorisJohnson

UK at lowest carbon emissions since 19th Century and speeding up cause should do more (hint 🇦🇺)

78% cut by 2035 (from 68% cut by 2030 on 1990 levels)

Cake-have-eat, lets do all he says #auspol
Japan confirms it is joining the US in leading the world's efforts on climate action

PM Suga keeps referring to the Pres as Joe. Seems like he has earnt that right given they are mates who back the same goals.

Strong increase from Japan from 26% to 46% on 2013 levels by 2030.
Canadian PM raises ambition once again

40-45% cut to emissions by 2030 on 2005 levels

Another significant leap in ambition from an Aussie ally #auspol

getting pretty jealous

Now bragging about their rising price on pollution while still exporting energy! Rubbing it in!!
We have now left the G20 players (without hearing from Australia....) and gone to a prominent voice representing vulnerable countries, Bangladesh

June 2021 will put in an ambitious 2030 target but ultimately they are pushing big emitter laggards to do more!

Chancellor Merkel confirms they are out of coal by 2038

Like it is out of fashion. (Don't worry, NSW still
wants to open up 23 new coal mines)

Germany hit 46% from renewables now and going harder with their green stimulus

Ugh getting massive leader envy here #auspol
Lol had to be a technical difficulty

They are leaving Putin hanging after cutting off Macron halfway through.

Now we are hearing Blinken talk about the problem (Macron was taped he says :p)
Ok leader envy has lapsed now we have Putin online.

You can only hear the translator who has a creepy voice (no background noise from Putin).

Worth remembering Russia's emissions dropped cause its economy imploded in the 90s. It has been coasting since then.
Back to Macron and his recorded message

Talks up the France-Germany-China meeting this week, addressing methane missions, climate justice and need to support others with strong focus on Africa take action

Republic of Korea

Will up its game from 24.4% cut by 2017 levels but hasn't said what. Emissions peaked in 2018.

Strong language on ending coal power

RoK has stopped issuing permits for coal power plants, shut down 10 plants and ramping up renewables

Closer to home #auspol with President Jokowi

Lowest deforestation levels in 20 years
Protecting largest portion of mangroves in world (known as blue carbon in the climate biz)

As incoming G20 President in 2022, they will keep focus on sustainability #LeadersClimateSummit
South African President Ramaphosa

They are still updating their target range but it is alot more ambitious

Now their emissions will peak in 2025 (10 yrs earlier) which is great because there old target was pretty broad.

Italian leader Mario Draghi, host of G20 this year, which takes place a few days before COP26 in the UK

Note EU adopted 55% cut by 2030 on 1990 levels. Great work.

Giving EU airtime is to pat them on the back but not nec. Good example of how Aus has been pushed down the list.
Reality check from Republic of Marshall Islands

Pushing for a carbon levy at Int Martime Org

If big emitters fail to act, we have to adapt
How will you move from plans to action?

(Or in Australia's case from supporting fossil fuels to...not)
#LeadersClimateSummit #auspol
Now Argentinian Pres Fernandez

Social and ecological crises are linked (quotes Pope)
Alot of talk about debt and help.

Wow becoming awkward now is EU head (not even a country and we already had 3 EU members already).... #LeadersClimateSummit
EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

'Fit for 55' - new EU policies to transform all sectors - with 1.8 trillion Euro for climate action

Nature can not pay the price any longer

Wants to be the first climate neutral continent in the world #LeadersClimateSummit
Saudi Arabia

50% Renewable Target (i think)

Brazil 'we are responsible for less than 3% of global annual emissions'

Being 'one of the few developing countries with absolute target '

Carbon netural by 2050 (forward by 10 years)
Bhutan showing leadership

Gross National Happiness
Law - 60% forest cover for all time and currently 71%
Are actually carbon negative
Inter-generational equity in law

'irony of contributing alot in emission reductions, but suffering alot from impacts'

'big emitters do more'
PM doesn't seem to realise he is on

Awkward silence....
Now seems to be on mute!
Australia has done 'more than most economies' - no it hasn't. Unless you include accounting tricks.

Claiming emissions dropped "36% if you exclude exports" - WHAT? They are trying to exclude coal and gas emissions?

Australia the largest coal and LNG exporter in world?
Now he is talking up companies 'leading the way', Fortescue, BHP, Rio Tinto - he is literally listing off our major emitters?

What is going on?

Telling 'Mr President you have silicon valley, we want to set up hydrogen valley'

And finally mentions Allan Finkel?
I've had to sit through many speeches by world leaders on climate change in my time in and out of @dfat and Prime Minister Morrison's speech was breathtakingly bad.

Like Tony Abbott, he is incapable (or refuses to) actually speak to audiences beyond his Australia
Almost every world leader before him referenced their target, plans, ambitions atleast in passing.

Many thanked the the US for re-entering Paris Agreement.

Wealthier countries confirmed their support for helping developing countries.

PM Morrison did none of the above
Things leaders shouldn't do that PM Morrison 🇦🇺 did at #LeadersClimateSummit

- Namecheck their companies
- Talk up their hired help (ie Allan Finkel)
- Talk down others' efforts
- Real off silly numbers that break established accounting rules

🤦‍♂️ #auspol
Ended first session of #LeadersClimateSummit on better note with a fantastic youth voice

Getting stuck into countries that exploit their own accounting tricks (given PM Morrison tried a new one on tonight)

Asking 'what generations we are delivering to the world?' #auspol
As I was crashing I was pulled back with sound of leadership...

New Zealand PM Arden - so clear

Do 4 things
1) Price carbon
2) Mandate financial carbon disclosures
3) End fossil fuel subsidies (undoes any advances on pricing carbon)
4) finance adaptation
Can I also just add it would be like 3:30am in New Zealand. I really hope PM Jacinda was not doing it live and had a pre-record!

Just like at the Pacific Island Forum climate event on 11 December, Morrison completely outshone by his Kiwi counterpart #auspol
If you want to enjoy this #LeadersClimateSummit twitter thread in video form here is a new climate show we are kicking off at @TheAusInstitute

Enjoy #auspol 😝
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