Sky News and the protesters are different wings of the same organisation.

Don't forget it.
Within months of having been formed, XR were invited to give evidence to Parliamentary committees, and had an hour long meeting with @michaelgove, in which he agreed with nearly everything their said.
Here's XR founder Gail Bradbrook speaking to the @beisgovuk committee.
And here's @michaelgove meeting XR weirdos, and promising to ignore our interests in favour of their demands.
Politicians from *ALL* political parties were falling over themselves to seem to be on XR's side.
So all those nice middle class, middle-aged ladies who are out today, were sanctioned by all political parties, and all of the UK news media.

That's how they got their view of the world.

The government and the media said "look at this wonderful, planet-saving movement!"
Compare it to the venom, hostility and smears that the government, civil society, and media throw at anyone who challenges the green agenda, to ask how our interests are served by #NetZero and the rest.
XR are just the performance-art wing of the ecological state.

They may look like opponents of banks and governments.

But banks can easily afford new windows for window dressing. They love greens.

Can you afford a heat pump? Can you afford an EV?
You can't?

Well, tough. You'll be forced to refit your home, whether you can afford it or not.

And if you can't afford an EV, you'll have to walk or depend on shitty public transport.

That's why banks love greens.
How can that be?! Am I mad?!

Do the simple arithmetic:

Cost of replacing 18 new windows (est): ~£36,000.

Cost of #NetZero: £1,000,000,000,000 - £10,000,000,000,000.

Available funds for #NetZero transition: £0.00.

Borrowing requirement: (see cost).

Welcome to endless debt.
The green blob will be extracting tens to hundreds of £thousands out of each and every home in the UK, for the privilege of living in that home.

The economics of private transport will change such that people on low to medium incomes will no longer be mobile.
You will be forced to borrow, and the state will borrow and you will be forced to pay for it, for spending on things that will produce no net benefit -- i.e. #NetZero -- to you, to society or to 'the planet'.

It is a debt trap that will make your children their serfs. Forever.
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